its 1123 in the evening, i’ve just driven here from Toronto, i haven’t slept very well over the past 3 nights, have had no exercise, and drank too much and now i find myself waiting…

waiting…  for what?  well its a long and boring story so i’ll just leave it at that.  a blog is a blog…  and a trash can is still a trash can, even if you have taken the time to paint it up platinum…  dee dum dum…


so here it is much later in the year…  its sunday morning in the city, winds are howlin through the trees and if you’re wearing a hat today, you better make sure its on tight cause whoosh!  it could be here one second and gone the next!  just like a lot of things in this big old world of ours.


(p.s.  this blog bizz, i’m new to it so if this is looking a bit weird, its cause i aint got it figured!)


june 6th, 2006:  imagine what those lads felt like back in 44, waiting.  especially the lads on the night of june 5th!  had to read a couple of those books once again, in deference to!

february 4, 2007:  but today its a good thing cause today is the super bowl!  i don’t care who wins, all i want is a good game.  asking for nothing more because today its flipping freezing out there!  so i am staying inside where its warm and like my dad use to say, look out the window!  i am so glad to get january behind us!  just 60 more days of winter to go and we be on easy street boys!  easy! 

hit the old acupuncturist yesterday and that was one mighty weird trip and strip!  those little needles seem to do the trick though.  at least for today.  tomorrow in the north country is going to be another story!  but one thing is for certain, i was also at the YMCA yesterday afternoon and that did a world of good!  the old magical whirlpool sauna combo, man that is great for an afternoon.  did wonders.  i know you’re only suppose to be that whirlpool 10 minutes but no one was around so i stayed in for 15 or more…   ojibwe soup!  man i was cooked!  toss in a few carrots and some potatoes and man that job’s done!

still…  it was needed.  glad to have been in there.

now where is this game?   couple of hours till kick off, so…  bring on the club soda and raspberry juice!  woo hoo!