so here it is around ten after four in the afternoon on good ole st. valentine’s day…
i’ve got my dirty old black rubber boots on, jungle gear and hat, kangaroo hide mittens and the great big Canadian Shield out my window with a hundred miles in any direction: trees, snow and the color blue.  lads i won’t be meeting up anytime soon with a flashy table cloth, candles, fine red wine and a flashy menu, pleasant company or pretty smile, no conversation.  nothing.  zilch!
instead i might find myself in an hour or two hunkered down alone under one of the pine trees out by the frosty lake, making a fireplace where i can roast up an old boot.  there aint no use in talking cause there aint no body out there!
the old moon, full the other night, i saw it out the side window of the car as i was driving into the north country at 430 a.m., and the way the light was lying on the land, it brought back some blue blue memories, might come out from behind the clouds and light up what is otherwise a very over cast and stone cold frozen afternoon, day and experience in the blue grey Canadian wilderness in the grips of an ice cold winter.
as for st. valentine’s day, i guess all i can do this evening is pray i see another one.    
february 12, 2007:  well i guess some of my prayers have been answered!  cause here i am on the door step to another valentine day but guess what…  where am i?  back in the boons, a hundred miles from anywhere in any direction and likely roasting up the other old boot over the open fire…  man that aint no pretty picture.  you would think a cat like me would have learned a lesson er two by this point in time but i am still here, still alone, and gosh that wind is cold tonight!
you stand around out there with that thing blowing your way and you’ll be frost bitten within ten minutes.  so.  there aint much to do now but head back to the bunk house, hopefully the heat situation is figured out, it was a rosy 10 degrees in there at lunch time…  and maybe, just maybe!  get some painting done.  but who knows.  certainly not me.  here i thought i would be warm climes by now, sailing the caribs…  but that was last year’s snow white dream.  not sure what this year’s is going to be.