July 18th, 2006:  don’t know if you remember the twinravens msn site, but there was some great dreams posted there and feedback, ideas and interpretations, all of it long gone now and i realize just foolish it was to delete that site.  those dreams are gone!
so here is another place for dreams.
i thought i would start this today as last night was one of those nights featuring some very strange dreams.  let me tell you about the evening and midnight.  it was very hot over here, very humid and without AC, you could break into a sweat just by lying back and watching the baseball!  which is about all i was upto, as well as playing with my old buddy Jazzy.  she eventually wore herself out and was crawling off to the bunk by 10.  around midnight we heard some serious blasts of thunder and the sky was bright with lightning.  it was our first real thunder and lightning of the summer.
at 330 i got up and decided, fully awake, i would take a drive into the country.  so i took off and traveled about 20 klicks south east of the city, drinking in the beauty of the night.  reminded me of being back home on the island.
i got back to the city around 430 and tried the old bunk once again.
soon i was sleeping and had this dream:
i was in a house somewhere in the wilderness.  it was like a meeting place as there was myself and another instructor and a group of young people gathered around like a school house setting.  except it was more like a house converted into a training centre.  definitely on an indian reserve.  out the windows where i was, i saw an owl in a tree.  it was sitting there looking down at me.  the tree was located right next to a swampy area, marshy, with a slow river flowing through.  and there was sand right next to the swamp, where you could see people had used that area to shove off with a canoe.  i’ve seen this feature before in my woodland travels.  so i’m looking out this window at this owl sitting in the tree.  its staring back at me.  and this group of people is behind me in another room, in a class session of some sort.  i look back at them and they seem to be in good hands.  when i turn back to look at the owl i see it has left its perch and is diving into the water and it hits, splashes and sinks down to the bottom, which isn’t very deep, like maybe 3 feet deep.  the water is clear and i can see him down there, but the ripples on the water are making it a bit unclear.  as i watch it, the owl shifts into the form of a boy, between ages 10 to 14.  he’s fully native and comes swimming to the sandy shore and climbs out and i watch him, like, i think i’ve seen him before.  he has short cut hair and is as dark as i am, but, well, reminds me of my nephews who are half ojibwe, half pottawattimee, (don’t know if i spelled that correctly).  the young lad walks out and away and the dream fades into another.
what do you think?
july 20th, 2006:  don’t know if its the new moon arriving or what: but the weird dreams sure are coming.  story lines, teaching dreams or telling at least…
there is a sweat on the 29th, don’t know the conductor but i’ve been invited and i’m not one hundred percent on whether now is the time to go back in. 
outside the window: the streets are quiet at 630 on a thursday morning.  the girls are upstairs in the bunk and all is quiet.  the sun is up, blue skies, no clouds, and no humidity!  that is the best part.  its dry and beautiful. 
august 8th, 2006:  i’m just in the door from a trip to Toronto to see some Bluejays baseball and i was totally amazed with your words about the dream from july 18th.  i can tell you i never would have thought of that, or seen it that way.  in fact, i read the dream first before i viewed your comments and thought, i still don’t get it.  then reading your words i thought ah ha!!! 
you are an amazing interpreter!
chi miigwetch.
august 24, 2006…  last night i dreamt i was having sex with 3 indio girls…