wednez morning in the city, november 8, 2006, rain…
i was booked into a group show for november 17th and holy mackinaw lads i haven’t done anything about those 5 new 36×48’s!!!  all the gear is sitting there, waiting to move.  can’t take them blank canvasses!
although in artistic statement terms, maybe some plain white canvasses would be a big deal!!!  i mean think about…
rothko and his big black ones are in all the history books. 
you know what?
i’m going mad on this dang computer.
maybe i better just get busy with the brushes instead!
will post some pictures later.
another day is in the books and i am no where near to getting started those paintings!!!  yikes!  thursday morning, november 9, 2006.  i guess this means i work better under pressure…
yeah right!
november 11, 2006…  oh boy!  closer to the day and still no pictures!  it has to happen today!  cause the guy at the gallery wants them tomorrow!  or by the 15th at the latest and i aint going to be in the city on the 15th.  so it has to happen today.  the good thing is i visited the gallery the other day and saw the space, they don’t need 5 or 6 large pieces.  so that is a relief.  i could get away with 1 large, and 4 mediums. 
all of this would have been easy if it weren’t for the home renovations in progress!  like the whole kitchen is being torn out to make way for a new one and man that doesn’t help the studio atmosphere!  and lads you need a straightaway with no limits when you’re working on the big scale canvas, we don’t have that here!  so it should be an interesting day. 
now if old norval M. can do it in a hotel room back in 1977, (read the story about: "man changing into a thunderbird") i can do it here at the house.  perfect day for it: all rain all day on the weather channel. 
november 12, 2006:  well i made it!  i started those canvasses at noon yesterday, painted till midnight, hit the bunk, got up at 4 a.m., started back at them and they were ready to ship at 4 p.m., and were in the gallery by 5!  so what do you think about that?  and two of them look pretty cool!  i mean cool enough that when we stood around and looked at them, we thought hey, that one we could use here at this address.  i mean they look that slick.  i took some pictures of them but here are the two that i’m talking about. 
november 18, 2006:  visited the gallery last night to view the show and i can tell you there are some pretty heavy duty painters showing in there, some very talented cats, all nati but painting in vastly differing styles and content.  beauty to see.  and wonderous to catch up with some of these painters as we have all heard of each other but never stepped into the same room together.  interesting experience.  i had my old buddy jazzy along and she warmed up the place with her barefooted antics! 
well the show is in for a month.  would enjoy seeing some red dots on those 3 cards of mine, on display right as you walk in the door!  here is a picture of the two of us and two of the new war horses.
december 14, 2006:  that show is over at gallery 7a, i think today.  cause there is a new show going in tomorrow and an opening tomorrow night.  so if i have a moment or two tomorrow, i might swing by there and take a look.  but one thing is uncertain:  what sold?  or did anything sell?  haven’t heard anything from the owners so i’m expecting to walk in there and walk out with the three pieces i whooped up at the end of my last break at home.  which won’t be totally bad cause i really love that wolf painting and i know my old buddy morgan will like that raven.  she asked: can i have that one?  to which i replied:  of course you can. 
so that makes a tasty little christmas present! 
those birds have done well in sales at other venues.  i had 4 of them and they are all gone.  this week i worked on my old diver composition in the same style as the raven: woodland.  and i like those.  they are going on the air sometime very soon i hope.  cause folks…  its xmas time and seasons greetings cost money!