well halloo there.  its march 13th, 2007.  i’m just getting back from a trip to florida.  unscheduled of course. 
here is the story:  the gals had booked their flights at xmas, knowing full well they were going on such and such a date and staying till whenever.  but it was carved in stone.  me…  the powers that be up north didn’t quite know when we were going to be relieved at the front, so they kept it up in the air.  we got our papers on the 3rd. 
the gals flew out and i drove them to the airport.  they had all their summer clothes packed and looked like the tourists they surely would be when the arrived.
meanwhile we were working against minus 39 degree winds!
it was hell down there at the airport.
the made it and off they went.
i got home and sat here, drank a beer, and listened to the jumbo silence…
clock on the wall ticking like never before.
and one thing came to me: for things in your life to get better, you’re going to have to get better.
i said "F" this!
without packing or a map, i got in the car with my cash and credit and took off.
that was at noon on tuesday.  i arrived in florida at 7 p.m., wednez, bleary eye’d and hanging by a nickel and a nail.
but i made it.  down highway 81 to 83 to 95 to 4 to 75 to Tampa and south to Nokomis beach.
what a drive from hell.
but i made it.
they were surprised to see me and took me to the beach the very next day.  that is when most of those pictures were taken.
it was a balmy 80 degrees, sunshine and lollipops and sally the salamander, all over.  perfect and just what we all needed.
except for my sleep walking episode that first night…
i don’t remember any of it.
but i was sleep walking.
i think of that as a sign of insanity…  aint right lads, walking in your sleep…  what next?
anyway.  we did that beach and it was beauty and we picked ourselves a bundle of shells and had ourselves some good food at all the sea side diners.  shrimp like you wouldn’t believe.  big ones.
but it all wore out on sunday.  that’s when i had to hit the road, to come back here, and settle into the slave up north.
so i hit the road sunday morning at 3 a.m., which was actually 4 a.m., and took off.  made it to detroit that night at 11 p.m., bleary eye’d like never before.  crossed the border, fell asleep at the wheel at london, and walked into my address at noon monday, with a 12 pack of beer.
those guys at the border didn’t even want to look at my stuff!!!
i could have had a carton or shipping box full of Marlboro cigarettes!
or a case of Crown Royal.
well i couldn’t have lifted it anyway as i was so tired.
came here, ready to work and found the natives have blocked the road!!!
i couldn’t get to work even with the army.
its just like Oka, all over again.
and i’m wondering too, jeez, had i had the forsight, i could still be at the beach, even today, tuesday, cause that road block aint breaking until at least tomorrow!
what a bummer.
what a downer.
ah well.
i’m here in the capital city.
and for kicks.
i’m going to the local soup kitchen to sit with the local bums, whiners and maligners, and try some of that goup.  you can’t send them if you aint been there yourself.  if you get my drift.
that’s the story.