booked a show at sweetgrass aboriginal bistro, that one is set to go on july first!  good day for a show to go in.  especially in the capital city.  but the official opening aint going till the 2nd.  so i thought…  i would call up the troops of NR, the almighty No Reservations, to see if they would come down and help me out with the show opening.  not only could we whoop it up at the opening, but why not in the city where the festive thang is going on mega and full time?
so.  the ball is rolling.  we could get something going with NR.  get them airborne once again. 
Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces. 
that is what NR was all about back in the old days.
lets not hold our breath.
but lets see what happens.
i wouldn’t mind some good ole NR action on some big wig stages while the heat is on high in the capital city. 
and a couple of venues out and about around town…
one thing is for certain:  the world would be a better place with NR in it, up and healthy!
august 25, 2007:  its a dang good thing we aint holding our breath cause that july first thing has definitely come and is long gone!  the art show is in progress, soon to end, likely sometime next week.  the kook about all this is i have no idear where we are standing in the sales department.  i mean i haven’t called them and they haven’t called me to come down there with a suitcase to haul away all that cash!  so the ball is mega up in the air, not in anyone’s hands at the present.  spooky.  maybe not though, as the paintings, if not sold there, will sell. 
as for NR, i put a few calls in and heard from one group but not the other and wondered why.  then one day this summer i was on the shores of lake huron and ran into a cat from the NR days, and he told me part of the crew was definitely MIA.  i guess every rock you come across aint going to be solid.
i still hold my ground though, in that the world would be a better place if NR were in it, healthy and ready to roll…
december 31, 2007:  turns out that show went alright.  half the pieces sold and the money, while not in a suitcase, arrived just in the nick of time for labour day weekend.  perfect, like it were scripted by the almighty.  the remaining pieces were sent to galleries and shows and i think we have just 3 from that group of 25 painted for july 1st.  so that is good.  which just goes to show, and something i’ve been learning, it doesn’t matter what i think.  it has nothing to do with what i think.  it has everything to do with what the customer thinks.  they know what they like.  my job is to keep making those pictures.  mine that thing dry!   use it all up! 
so we closed that show at the end of august and it went very well, and re booked for january, which is tomorrow!  start date unknown, but we do know that the walls in that venue are the color of the inside of birch bark, and we do know the blue ones never sell in there.  and we do know folks don’t mind paying upwards of 500 bills for a piece, but not over that amount. 
all of that is very good to know!  so we have a starting point.  and we have some good pieces.  and we have so good ideas in the sketch books, new ideas, and we better get with using them.
after that show, we have a group show at the Cube Gallery in february. that is an important show.  so we need some very good pieces for that one.  and lets hope we have a good time over there.  i think of that one has hopefully getting our foot in the door in the gallery department in this town.  we’ve spent a few years at the exotic diners and that’s not bad, but we haven’t spent much time in the galleries, and that is not good!  but if you’re going to the big leagues like that, you need some big league paintings! 
i have this one, Moon Boy, it is good enough for the big leagues.  and we need a lot more of those!
but that is how she stands on this snowing last day of the year, morning acutally, the gals are upstairs, in the bunks, cozy and warm.  i’m down here looking over the scene, wondering what next in the paint department, i mean, which one should we tackle first?!!!