july 4th already!  ah but i’m back home and away from the clutches of the boons and it feels good!  i was worried about the show booked for the 2nd, never made the deadline but they cut me some slack and its going in tomorrow, opening on monday.  so that will be one less item on the "to do" list.  which is goo!  that’s right:  goo…  cause that will be in the past and who cares about that!!!  all i know is they are going to be priced to sell!  i don’t want any of them coming back into this house!  they are all small pieces, no larger than 22×28 inches excepting a few of the almighties which we need in there to blow the joint down when folks come wandering in there.
but that is all clocked and we’re off to the races once the curtain goes up on monday at 5.
now i’m here in the city, and climbin the walls till i get outa here.  i want to get back to the sweet and sandy shores of carter’s bay, providence bay and the rocky cliffs at meldrum bay.  when i get there, then i’ll be smiling.
but i’m here now and going to make the best of it.  whooped up 6 paintings last night while watching the bluejays.  that was a plan i was dreaming up when i was fighting up there.  i was saying to myself, while i was hunkered down in those giant pines, when the summer arrives and jazzy is comfortably in the bunk and done for the day i’ll be breaking out the paint brushes and keep this good ship floating. 
so i’m doing it!  that’s good.  have to max these days.  an old timer like me should be able to sleep 5 hours and be back at the front. 
cause when i’m sleeping, we aint even dreaming anymore! 
too booked!
that’s the scoop from here, which is now!  waa hoo!!!
july 21, 2007:  been home 21 days and it the living has been pretty easy!  man this lifestyle is the one for me.  up in the morning before the troops, get the chores in, and make ready for the whooping with the kids!  we bought one of those gizmoes for the bike, its a kiddy bike that attaches to the adult bike so she rides along on her own, with her own seat, handle bars, bells and whistles while i do all the work up front, making sure the wheels go around.  that first day we took in a 20 km ride on the capital city bike trails and lordy that nearly killed me!  my legs i mean, which were like cooked spaghetti when we rolled back into base camp.  but several days of that up hill riding tuned me up nicely.  then it was the swimming pool just down the street and that has been a great way to spend the afternoons.  during the evenings, for that first several days, we took in the bluesfest which was also just down the street.  i managed to see up close and personal,  bob dylan and his band.  they were awesome.  he played "Masters of War", "Tangled Up in Blue", "Girl from the North Country", and "All Along the Watch Tower", so i was pretty pleased with that show.  saw jimmy lee vaughn and his outfit, they were some great blues.  took in george thorogood and the destroyers, steve miller (awesome), and edie brickell, johnny lange and buddy guy.  not a bad crew to see, although buddy guy could have eased up on the swearing!  it was f this and f that all the way and its ugly hearing crap like that…
uncivilized.  but its the blues…
anyway.  so that was gold.  even though it was the blues, it was gold.
could have seen blue rodeo and inxs but i thought what the heck are those old washed up crocks doin at the bluesfest?
took a pass.
so its been pretty good over here.
installed that art show on a hugely hot and muggy monday night: not one single person showed up to the opening!
so i said, well those pictures are off and running, they’re going to have to sell themselves. 
i haven’t been over there since, so i don’t know how business is going.  i’m hoping of course that the place is sold out!
but who knows…
a simple phone call would settle that issue.
as for me and my alone time: the end is in sight!  i mean the end for the north country, being up there in the boons.  if i go back, that is it!  one last year and i’m out and never going back.  talked to the old lady about it and she agrees, there aint nothing no one could about that place.  she’s all done for.  it would take superman, shazam, the incredible hulk and spider man working double over time 24/7 to bring that place to a parade rest. 
it just isn’t going to happen.  cause once you get it to that state, then what?
someone has to stay there and hold the fort and you know dang well that aint going to happen.
so if i go, i’ll go with a smile cause the end will be in sight.  the light at the end of the tunnel will be me!
that’s a big realization you know.
going back to the ranch soon, like maybe even this monday, on the road and out of the city.  i have to get my jazzy back home, its been a year since, and that is not good. 
so we’ll be packing our swim shorts, bikinis, high heels and big hopes!
hoping the sun will shine each and every day!
like it is right now.
august 23rd, 2007:  rain is pouring down and this place needs it!  there aint been rain in weeks!  everywhere you look, the landscape is burnt bone dry.  nothing but weeds making their way.  and i should know cause i’ve been driving some weird and wacky backroads over the past two weeks!  seen places like…  well i don’t recall some of those kooky back water towns and hamlets but they were on the roads to Owen Sound, Tobermory, Markham, Kleinburg, Ottawa and passing through places like Mattawa, Norwood, Chatsworth and Flinton…  off the beaten path a mile er two!  i decided to nix the 401 and highway 7 on my trips to Markham and Owen Sound, opting for the backroads and it was a casual drive, pleasant.  drove to Tobermory, starting out at 4 a.m., catching the 7 a.m. boat and it was a beauty, lonesome but beautiful.   i had the gals stay behind on one of those trips, while i checked in with the lads from art school, not seen or heard from in 12 years!  then there was the exit from Sudbury at 230 a.m., with a stop at Lake Nipissing at 4 a.m., to view the meteor shower.  beauty once again but awfully lonely!  still, it had to be done and it was done in good style.  2 sunny days alone at Carter’s Bay with a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz and two cups, no one came along so just the one was used.  ah but it was glorious.  the coincidence meetings bizarre.  all in good fun, and worth the effort.  glad to have been home, back on the ranch lands and those sweet sweet beaches.  and hey!  i took a kayak over to the shores of Treasure Island, what a beauty day that was.