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Autumn 2007

its the week before the almighty Halloween bash and there aint no costuming ideas anywheres!  some lame ideas but nothing we can slip into and nothing that is going to win us first prize in the Sexiest Male category like two years ago!  that nurse idea was money in the bank!  we need another idea just like that one.
but there aint nothing.  and the show is going on friday night, october 26th!  so i better come up with something today and tomorrow cause monday its back to the boons and there surely aint no costuming going on up there!  not by a long shot.
down here, we have some mild climes.  really mild, shirt sleeve mild, and its a wonderous thing this late in the season.  yesterday might have been the last thunder and lightning for the year!  pouring down rain, the whole bit, washing away the dust and the grime, and the dead animals along side the highway.
but our biggest batch of fish fryin is that halloween gig…  we need something cool and we need it now! 
october 23rd, that’s my sister’s birthday.  hope she has a good one.  don’t let me forget to call her.  as for us up here in the boons, its all rain.  not like yesterday which was paradise!  beautiful sunshine and warm, perfect for a day on the beach.  and that is what we did.  beauty.  visited our little island, which we could walk out to, the water level is that far down!  at least 3 feet!  folks around here said they opened the dam last week and the giant cabonga reservoir is emptying! 
as for the halloween costume: she’s still undecided.  and that’s not good!  the big party is a sold out show and its this friday night!!!  those folks like me so much they even put my mug on their website!  well that was nice of them.  they won’t be putting me in if i don’t come up with something slick!
times are tough in the costuming department…
october 25th:  you hate to do it, but this close to a two week out, you start counting down the hours…  we have one night to go up here, and we’re out tomorrow at noon, but the hours between now and then, gosh its terrible to look at them as if they were a wall, getting in your way to where you want to go.  last night at this time i was in the canoe, cruising the far away shorelines of this great lake, i should do the same tonight.  that might take the wind outa some sails that shouldn’t be unfurled, if you get my drift.   now is a dangerous time…
so.  one step at a time, looking forward, and breathing deeply, that should get us out of this wilderness in good spirits. 
november 1st:  another halloween has come and gone!  that was fast!  all in good holiday cheer, a wee tad too much cheer there on friday night at the old halloween bash (i fell off my shoes!!!  how embarrassing!!!) but otherwise a grand time and fun right down to the pumpkin carving right here yesterday afternoon!  beauty!  unfortunately i have no pictures of the costumes!  that’s a first.  usually i’m snapping this way and that with the cam but this time…  well i just don’t know what happened.  so all i have for you is two!  that aint good.  but we’re still on break, the rest of this week and all next week!  so let the good times roll with all this fine weather!
november 4th:  sunday morning in the city, nothing doing, everything is quiet!  the gals have gone north to the farm where the horses are kept.  so i’m here and lying low.  looks like another beauty day, sun is rising and the last of the leaves are flying.  personally, i’d like to take a long walk this afternoon but!!!  for some reason i have not slept very well in the past 3 nights…  been awake all night or having nightmares!  and i have to wonder what this is all about.  of course it could be the last of that food and wine show bizznezz from friday…  i’m telling you that place is a recipe for getting loaded!  we stayed with the reds but that was enough to do it!  and we visited during the afternoon of the first day, when it wasn’t packed to the rafters, that was good too but man that was a party brewing when we left, which was around 5.  glad to get out when we did cause 80 tickets, with each sip snapping up at least 3 ticks, man you can come out of a place like that steaming!  so that was yesterday…  feeling the pig iron force of all those wacky reds brewing and bubbling in the gizzards…  good thing we’re on the wagon starting today!  ah yes.  the old trusty wagon!  of course back in the old days, back in the old country, the indians were famous for surrounding the wagons…
anyway.  today is a new day, fresh, clean and excepting the no sleep, should be steady as she goes!
my agenda today: the wife and family, the colts and new england and that is it!!!  no work tomorrow, week two of the break starts tomorrow and its going to be a mighty fine and sweet piece waking up in my own bed tomorrow morning at 6, instead of being behind the wheel of a car for an hour…
shouldn’t complain though.  met a few friends who have it a lot tougher than i do at the work place.
november 11th:  remembrance day.  going to the war memorial in a few short minutes to watch the service and see the boys march past.  i suspect there will be a dwindling number as those lads all must be in their 80’s by now.  been 3 years since my own dad finished up and he was 80, and was over there doing his part.  there can’t be too many of them left.
november 18th:  2007!!!  wow.  today is my old buddy Jazzy’s 5th birthday!  5 years!  i remember the night she was born like it were yesterday.  it was the full moon and there was a blizzard sailing through the capital city.  she was born just after 3 a.m., and we were loading up and in the car at 6 a.m., back home for 615!  pretty soon the grandparents arrived and all seemed to be in grand working order.  the little lass stayed pretty close to her mother for the next 2 years!  close like glue, but close like holding hands to this day.  she’ sleep in her own bed now.  so today, we have a little girl who loves dancing and drawing, playing trickster games and posing for pictures.  
kinda spooky though, 5 years went by pretty fast.  you wonder how fast the next 5 are going to go.  in 10 years she might be packing her bags and saying see ya later old man, i’m outa here!  
as for today, its birthday party time and we’re going to focus on that.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2007 style…

its sunday already, 9 a.m., and there aint no one here but me and jazzy!  the house is cleared out!  i said, when i opened my drunken and hung over eyes this morning, if i don’t smell turkey cooking in my kitchen by 3 this afternoon, that’s it, i’m never spending another thanksgiving here at my house!
i’m going back to the ranch where I know the cooking is going good and the family will be gathered around, feasting.
we’re a long way from the island today lads…
stayed up late to watch: Metallica, something about a monster.
it was good.  i thought about my band, and how we went down the sink, dead as fried chicken.  and why…
ugly actually.
but it went down.
it was a good film and i’m glad i stayed up late to watch it.
and glad too, it was a 1.5 of meritage and not a 750…