its sunday already, 9 a.m., and there aint no one here but me and jazzy!  the house is cleared out!  i said, when i opened my drunken and hung over eyes this morning, if i don’t smell turkey cooking in my kitchen by 3 this afternoon, that’s it, i’m never spending another thanksgiving here at my house!
i’m going back to the ranch where I know the cooking is going good and the family will be gathered around, feasting.
we’re a long way from the island today lads…
stayed up late to watch: Metallica, something about a monster.
it was good.  i thought about my band, and how we went down the sink, dead as fried chicken.  and why…
ugly actually.
but it went down.
it was a good film and i’m glad i stayed up late to watch it.
and glad too, it was a 1.5 of meritage and not a 750…