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the old christmas season!!!

xmas vacation isn’t suppose to start until december 21st but they cut us loose today!  and lads truth be told that has me feeling a bit spooked!  the locals aint too happy about their situation with the department of indian affairs so they upped and shut us down!  they walked in 2 weeks ago and said boys we’re closed!  they didn’t have to tell me twice.  i got up and walked out!
hit the brushes and paints while they were figuring out what to do but cabin fever went to work!
man i was climbing the walls up there!
we were waiting for our orders to come through and they never did!  then today it was adios dudes, and don’t come back till next year!
that being january the 7th or there abouts.  we’re in a contract and booked solid till the end of june but some of those folks up there are not!  and they let them go today!  imagine that right before xmas!  what a bummer.
so i’m at home.  and we survived the first blizzard!  so all seems to be in good order.  the tree is up and the lights are on, no presents under it…
i guess we have to get busy and fix that!
wouldn’t mind having those xmas carols playing, you know the ones offered by time/life, the classic carols sung by all those old geezers, the same ones you hear at the end of The Polar Express.  a few of those old tyme tunes would be groovy in these rooms.
i guess we can see about buying those now that i’m in the city 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
december 8th:  no one won that 25 mill in the super 7 last night, me included, so there won’t be any big wig trips to Toronto this monday…  might be a lesser wig trip to the off track instead…   still looking for that xmas bonus but i suppose not being up there in the wilderness all of this month, that could be called bonus enough!  but you know how it goes!  you get one thing in place, the next thing you do is start looking around for another!  an old man once told me that’s just the way of it.  as for today and the weekend, she’s going to be all low key, playing the cards close to the gizzards and aint no one at this address is going to get lost in the grass!  there aint no jelly coming around here!
(i’m still gettin into the xmas spirit with that movie:  The Polar Express!)
some one asked me other day what i was doing for new year’s eve!  i said i’m going to the dominican Repub!  spending the week down there doing some swimming and snorkling, boozing and dining, dancing and staying up all night!  watch the sun come up over the ocean!
they said oh yeah, how are you paying for that and whose goin?
i said i’m paying for it with buttons and you can come with!!!
december 11th!  we have more snow, the size of quarters coming down in no short supply!  she’s going to be a white xmas!  we started the day out with mild climes and the sidewalks were clear, so we got the girls off to their schools and hit the downtown for a look around, lunch and a short snoop through the liquor store.  there must be something big going on in town with the Assembly of First Nations or the DIA cause there sure were a lot of indians hanging round the place, the Rideau Centre Mall that is.  the place was crawling with them.  one of them even came up and shook my hand, just like the old days.  anyway we didn’t leave any money behind at the liquor store but we left 40 bucks at the diner.  when we came out of the mall at 2, the snow was flying and our “exotic” footwear was no longer the cool thing to be wearing!  we made it though without any wide world of sport style wipe outs! 
its been a week now, out of the boons and times are pretty relaxing around here! 
so i whooped 12 paintings in the past few days, since the weekend, and i bought me a few canvasses for my new idea: the ojibwe crawling king snake…
moo who who ha ha ha haaa….
it could be worth something.  maybe even that xmas bouns i’ve been looking for.  cause we’re just like the next bunch of xmas go getters: we need the moo lah.  and we need it now.  just like everyone else!
woo hoo!
i think its the 13th.  the bottom line is this!  the snow aint stopped fallin.  so .  i upped and ordered that old christmas carol selection:  Time/Life Christmas, a collection of cobwebbed xmas tunes from the 40’s and 50’s featuring such dead and gone crooners like jim bo reeves, patsy cline, nat kind cole, frankie boy S., and all those other old codgers from that era, the cats i grew up with, on xmas eve.  the good ole days
ah but the many life stories…
none the less, we have these jumbo snow flakes coming down, none of us know who is going to win tonight in the NFL, the cheque is in the mail, the ice we be skating on is thin, and the earth we be standing on aint be quaking…
with that said: the road is indeed lined with signs.  and anyone can see those, even with a blind eye, through the collection of 2 toilet paper rolls  placed up to the eyes, no matter how far along you be.
you have to watch where you’re going …
its the 15th:  just watched the death scene in Shrek the Third and of course we were all a bunch of blubbering messes…
if messes is a word…
oh boy its cold today…
and where be that holiday cheer?
the 19th:  well ready or not, we’re going today.  starting up that big old holiday season get together thing starting with down south.  and you know what folks i just don’t know much about anything anymore.   i do know we are going to be looking out a different set of windows tonight!  from up there on the 9th floor, and the view is alright from up there.  i just hope the cast and crew are all alright… 
i guess we’ll find out when we get there.  one thing is for certain, my old buddy Jazzy is solid as a rock through all this.  and she is an example of how it gets done! 
the 21st:  drove through a blizzard for certain, getting here but the mild climes of down here are a welcomed changed from the war whooping winds and frosty temps, snow bound city scape of back there.  she’s a pretty view from the 9th floor, and warm like summer.  and the change in scenery assist the change in spirit!  which was needed.  you know, you can get pretty sick of all that snow, pretty fast…  i mean it wears out its welcome quick, especially if you have to be somewhere.
remind me later to enter the toronto star short story contest with the my tale:  Crazy Joe and His Wild Bunch of Aliens.
and: to send in an application for the merrickville artshow on may long weekend.
the 30th:  we’ve been there and done that, the old xmas holidays are done for another year.  that was fast!  xmas is like anything else, i need a game plan going into this thing or its going to be a great big scam.  found myself sitting around a wee tad too much, but i guess that is the holiday season, you’re suppose to be visiting.  when i got back to the ranch, somehow, sleeping in that old bedroom from childhood, the dreams came on and were pretty groovy.  mild it seems, unlike the nightmares in other places.
looked at some property while over there: and dreamed!  saw a nice house on providence bay, new and well kept, on 2 acres and in a great location over looking the bay.  i thought it might be 190, maybe 220 at the far outside, but that sucker was on the air for a cool 415 000 smackeroos!!!  totally unbelievable.  i mean what is this?  what were these people thinking?  impossible. 
saw a couple of lakeshore lots in what i think would be a paradise, 5 acres for a cool 150 smacks.  that’s a lot of coin too but they are going to get that!  and they are going to get it before i can raise that kind of cash!!!
ah its a bluesy thing watching those places get snapped up by folks with huge buckets of $$$.
well maybe the new year will have some good fortune for us! 

the Mist…

had an hour or two to spare yesterday afternoon, foot loose and fancy free, so i took it and found myself at the downtown looking at the afternoon shows.  the pickins were slim…
but i haven’t been to a movie in ages, before seeing “American Gangster” a month ago, the last time i’d sat down in a movie theatre was likely 2 years ago!  that’s not good!
so anyway, i looked over the movie selection and decided on the latest Steven King movie:  The Mist.  i was going in stone cold, having not read any reviews or heard from anyone who had seen it.  but i loved “The Shining”, “Shawshank…  ” and a couple of other flicks that he wrote.  mind you i’d seen some doozies too, that i’d never wish on my worst enemy, dumbass flicks like “Graveyard Shift” and “Christine”, movies i thought should have never been made!  and most certainly never watched in a movie theatre…
“the Mist” is one of those movies.  i mean this picture was a total and complete sham.  i sat through the first 15 minutes and thought this movie is going slow!  it went down hill quickly, and i couldn’t stand that dopey first death scene where the bag boy gets bagged.  i mean predictable.  but i was one of the people in the audience who cheered when that bible thumping pyschopath took a snub nose right between the lookers.  i think everyone in the theatre was glad to see her written out of the script. 
so this mad scene kept going and i was wondering how are they going to bring this thing in for a landing?
and i also pondered getting up to leave, the movie was just that terrible!
but i thought hey man i spent 10 bucks on this stupid thing and i’m staying!  so i stayed, counting all the movies i’d walked out of before and there were none.  this one was close to being the first. 
this movie was as bad as the norval morrisseau play we saw last june at the NAC.  when act one was over we thought whew, lets get out of here, but then there was a second act!  and i said to the old lady, it can’t get any worse then that first act…  but it did.  that play was one of the worst shows we’ve seen.  and watching those chuckles starring…  let me tell you, believing was definitely not like seeing.  there was no belief at all!  just bad feelings for having wasted the money going in there…
it was horrible.
just like yesterday’s movie.
i walked out and the kid there at the door said well?
i said:  money back please!
man that movie sucked!