had an hour or two to spare yesterday afternoon, foot loose and fancy free, so i took it and found myself at the downtown looking at the afternoon shows.  the pickins were slim…
but i haven’t been to a movie in ages, before seeing “American Gangster” a month ago, the last time i’d sat down in a movie theatre was likely 2 years ago!  that’s not good!
so anyway, i looked over the movie selection and decided on the latest Steven King movie:  The Mist.  i was going in stone cold, having not read any reviews or heard from anyone who had seen it.  but i loved “The Shining”, “Shawshank…  ” and a couple of other flicks that he wrote.  mind you i’d seen some doozies too, that i’d never wish on my worst enemy, dumbass flicks like “Graveyard Shift” and “Christine”, movies i thought should have never been made!  and most certainly never watched in a movie theatre…
“the Mist” is one of those movies.  i mean this picture was a total and complete sham.  i sat through the first 15 minutes and thought this movie is going slow!  it went down hill quickly, and i couldn’t stand that dopey first death scene where the bag boy gets bagged.  i mean predictable.  but i was one of the people in the audience who cheered when that bible thumping pyschopath took a snub nose right between the lookers.  i think everyone in the theatre was glad to see her written out of the script. 
so this mad scene kept going and i was wondering how are they going to bring this thing in for a landing?
and i also pondered getting up to leave, the movie was just that terrible!
but i thought hey man i spent 10 bucks on this stupid thing and i’m staying!  so i stayed, counting all the movies i’d walked out of before and there were none.  this one was close to being the first. 
this movie was as bad as the norval morrisseau play we saw last june at the NAC.  when act one was over we thought whew, lets get out of here, but then there was a second act!  and i said to the old lady, it can’t get any worse then that first act…  but it did.  that play was one of the worst shows we’ve seen.  and watching those chuckles starring…  let me tell you, believing was definitely not like seeing.  there was no belief at all!  just bad feelings for having wasted the money going in there…
it was horrible.
just like yesterday’s movie.
i walked out and the kid there at the door said well?
i said:  money back please!
man that movie sucked!