she might be a frosty minus 30 out there today, with a nord wind blasting down Booth street, blast down well enough to blow the hat clean off your head, and the bank account might be empty, but there is plenty of food around here and its warm and dry!  and we’re a lot better off than that zoo keeper down in Africa who went in to feed the lions and instead of going after the dead meat, the lions went after the zoo keeper!  do you read that story?  the lions made short work of him, eating the whole show and leaving nothing but the skull and the back bone!  wow!  now that is what i call being consumed by work!!! 
i mean that is right out of a horror movie, and horror movie i’m sure cause there were two witnesses and in this day in age, one of them must have had a video cell phone!  5 will get you ten says that goes onto youtube in a day or two. 
well tough luck for that poor bastard.
quite on the other hand we’re doing okay here in Canada.  it is cold but it is winter. 
i booked this art show a few months ago, and its due this weekend!!!  so.  i’ve left it to the last minute and now here i am on a thursday night with a dozen empty canvasses!!!  but i have done over 100 sketches on canvas board over the past few months so i’m not light on ideas.  once we get those brushes moving and those paints cracked open and warmed up we’ll be doing okay.  and if they don’t like them at this show, they will at the next.  that’s just the way it goes. 
sure would have been nice to win that 37 mill last night but no dice!
we’ve said it here before…
i’ll keep you updated as to how the painting goes and what the sales look like at the other end.
started one in blue, in deference to the bone chilling weather!
january 31, 2008:  well folks the paintings have all been delivered!  25 new ones to the bistro, those went in middle of the month, and 8 gallery size paintings went in on tuesday of this week.  so that is enough painting for one month!  i’m taking a break and switching to the guitar! 
i will say this: some of those paintings hanging at the gallery look pretty good.  and some of those designs could fly in wamer color schemes.  i did a bear with 4 hoops floating around him in shades of blue, but the more i look at that one, the more i think that would work nicely in some earthy tones.  and you know what?!!  i’m going to up an do that.  change the composition a little bit but do the bear in earth colors. 
here is a photo of the latest that went to the gallery:
january 2008 001
february 16th:  mountains of snow and ice cold temperatures, i guess that says it all! 
that is the story in the old capital city.  in the boons, the end is close!  the place is going to roll over and sink into the darkest depths.  it won’t be long now.  i’ve not seen it this far gone in all the time i’ve been up there.  so…  i guess its time to look for a new job!  a job down here in the city that has me at home every night, not up there in the woodlands, huddled under the trees…
february 28:  she’s a bone chilling minus 22 this morning and that aint including the wind!  which happens to be blasting down booth street, coming out of the north!  a wind like that will send you home crying to yo momma!  anywho.  its Canada, and its winter, and that’s the deal. 
the girls quite on the other hand are going to Florida on monday and they aint coming back for two weeks!  not a bad gig!  sitting there on the Gulf of Mexico, toes in the sand, scamming up a few tan lines…  not a bad gig at all.  i think i’m going too, i’m not certain when!  flying this time…  none of this 36 hour drive bull.
and those 2 art shows come out this sunday.  the numbers are looking good and we might have made on this one.  the first quarter is looking good!  and of course we might have slipped our foot in a few doors where we want our feet to go!
we’ll keep you posted as to what next in both departments!
march 28th:  friday night in the city, cosy and calm, in from the cold that is the last of the ice cold nights till november.  and that’s good!  cause we’ve seen enough!  the snow out back though, 10 feet high, will take a week or two to melt outa here.  glad to see it gone! 
as for me:  i’m thinking up some new paintings for the next show, due on May 7th.  i’m hoping i can get them there a lot sooner than that. 
i had a dream in mid march, down there in Venice, sleeping in a strange room, about a raven building a nest…  that might be worth something in the next show.  it has to be done in black and white: hey that’s a new idea!  cause when you’re a painter, usually you’ve got a dozen jugs of paint at your disposal.  so this will be different.  looking forward to seeing what comes of it. 
the last show, 8 went in and 2 came out.  Moon Boy is long gone.  so is Mukwa Geezis, and Body, Mind, Spirit.  i can’t remember the names of the other ones!  but they’re all gone now.  even the ones that came home are now long gone.
so its time to start fresh.  and i’ve had me a few idears, featuring the snakes.  more snakes!  this time with ravens in tow, or riding, or leading!  not sure.
i can tell you i was inspired by my trip to the gallery to see the Daphne Odjig show.  
and surprised too, to see a print in the show, the very same one we found at a garage sale here in the Glebe a few years back.  i saw it and thought what the dickens is this doing on the street in a yard sale?!!!  price:  20 measly bucks.  actual worth: priceless!  
someone over there didn’t know what they had.  well we did and now we own it!  
dated 1968!
you don’t come across too many of those in the yard sales department!
also heard NR on the radio, AVR, and that brightened the soul!  what a great band they were.  RIP!
as for me: i’m ready to start something new! 
april 6th:  sunday morning in the city, its going to be another shirt sleeve day and what a glorious change that is.  the mountains of snow are slowing watering down and flowing down hill, outa here!  which is grand!  that winter is one of those going into the history books winters. 
well i was suppose to be at the pow wow in sudbury yesterday and today but no dice.  i’ve not been dancing since i don’t know when and the feathers on my wall are pretty dusty!  don’t even know where my moccs are…
as for my city shoes, i’m working them! 
hit the streets yesterday and stopped at the Vintage Clothing store just off Bank Street.  i’ve not been in there in ages but thought i would take a look and found the kookiest leather jacket!  its one of those dopey old team jackets from a cobwebbed high school.  this one is for a hockey team from of all places:  Capreol, Ontario!  that hell hole of hell holes were i spent 2 years of misery, pain and dispair, fighting alone in hell.  the jacket is in great shape for something from the mid 70’s and crappy old Capreol.  its black with red trim.  the team ripped off the Chicago Blackhawks and used the old Indian head logo as theirs, complete with crossed tommahawks on both sleeves.  get this, the name on the one sleeve:  Phil.  what a blast!  and the position on the other: right wing!  that’s a scream!  on the back in big letters:  Hawks!
i just had to have it.  being a survivor and actually getting out of Capreol alive is a big deal that the generals never acknowledge.  but let me tell you that was the hell of hells in there.  when i saw that jacket with that town’s name on it and a big old Indian head with colorful feathers, well boys i just had to wave that. 
i put 30 bucks down and they put it away for me.  i’m going back as soon as i sell a painting.
so that was yesterday, and a beauty it was. 
today, with no pow wow in sight, i guess i’m going out to look around on my own.  the gals all have dates today leaving me well and alone.  so i’m going to hit the streets and see what up. 
all the while i’m thinking about this time years ago:  we would be in the maples on the hillside out back behind the golf course collecting maple sap and boiling it down making maple syrup.  not a bad way at all to spend a few hot afternoons in the spring time, and a few late nights boiling it down.  pops had the right idea.  that is forsure!
april 12th:  raining and cold out there:  completely ugh.  so i’m staying in with the gals!  about the only trip i’m going to make this afte is to the liqour store!  i’m suppose to grab some boxes for the major spring house cleaning but while i’m over there i’m going to grab me a big bottle of red to keep the chills and the spooks away.
i did sell a painting yesterday, so its a spot of celebration anyway.  anytime i sell a large piece, this one was 22×28 inches, i celebrate.  i took it into the gallery at 1130 yesterday morning and got the call around 4 that it had shipped!  that was fast.  so not only am i going to buy a spot of red vin, but i’m going to pay out that dopey leather jacket i put on lay away over at the vintage shop, and put 20 bucks down on a pair of black leather pants i saw hanging in the cobwebbed corner.  tried those on the last time i was in and thought these would go great on those trips to the Montreal fet club at the end of every month.  we go over there and get our dining and dancing done in the same trip.  these pants, 100% kooky, and i’m still in a 31 waist so hey man, lets get them. 
but that is going to be it for the trips!  once that one is in the books i’m in for the day.
swamped too with paintings on the finishing table.  i have 3 galleries lined up for the end of next week and we have to ship about 15, maybe 20 pieces tops, to these places.  which is good.  its going to be nice to clear the place out.  start fresh.