the gals cut me some slack last week so i took off for the island and home sweet home!  that was monday night.  i filled up the car with gas, 50 bucks!!!, 1.33/litre, and hit the road around 11 p.m., drove through Sudbury around 7 and boy oh boy that downtown intersection aint what i remember.  of course what i remember did take place 8 or 9 years ago!  it looked like a ghost town to me but anyway, i drove through and arrived at Carter’s Bay for 10 a.m.  the beach was a barren place, not a soul to be seen but me and my shadow.  all the tracks that were in those sands were old.  it was flipping freezing down there during the week, around 5 degrees!  so it was nippy, sitting there on the stones watching the waves roll in.  i slept there till 2 then hit the road for good ole Providence Bay!  i walked out to the old lighthouse and realized that the almighty Lake Huron is mega going down!  the water is going somewhere cause the shoreline is nothing like it use to be.  there must be another 20 or 30 yards of shoreline now, something that’s happened in 6 short years.  i know it cause i took pictures there, started taking them, back in 2000 man. 
so that was an attention getter.
i went home for dinner and visited the folks, then head down to South Bay Mouth:  what a ghost town!  not a sound either, not even the lake was moving.  the only thing i heard was a canada goose.  across the way, old Ambrose Kitchkeg or whatever his name was, his cottage is still standing, front window intact, and what looks like a spook standing in the front room looking out his window…
it was down near 0 degrees that night, nippy like november!
day two i hit the town of Kagawong, snooped the place and drove back via the backroads including the one that goes on the west side of Lake Mindemoya.  there are two properties over there, woodland lots on the lake, 5 acres each, and i wonder why they haven’t sold.  i saw them at christmas time, i think first advertised. 
that place i saw Providence Bay we saw at xmas, for sale for cool half million and way over priced, hasn’t sold.
guess why?!!
that night i walked through the fields and thought about all the old folks now almost all gone.  time marches on and we only get to go so far within it.  that’s bluesy man, especially when the cold winds are blowing.
i hit the road for Sudbury and took a drive around the old streets:  Fairview, Spruce, Simcoe, Mackenzie, College, and of course the streets downtown.  times have changed over there!  especially the mall, it aint nothin like it use to be.
i left the city behind around 9 and cruised back into Ottawa at 6 a.m., eyes nearly falling out!
i stopped several times to view the stars.  that is a jumbo wilderness!  i saw the stars in all their glory!  heard a loon way off on a distant lake and heard a train whistle blowing somewheres.
very groovy.
and not as nippy as the drive down but cold anyway.
i came in with the rush hour traffic, parked the car and its been there ever since!
nice trip, but weird too, seeing how the old people in the town are slowly disappearing.
august 21st, 2008:  thursday at the ranch, the afternoon shift is about over and we’re gearing into the evening “thang”.  the OCF gig is in the books and we’re off to the next thing tomorrow at noon.  likely a drive back to Ottawa…
but lets never mind that now.  instead lets talk about that big Black Indian Car i saw on highway 6 the other day, heading south towards the island.  i saw it in the rearview mirror and thought is that an old cop car?  blues brothers style?  it caught up to me pretty quick up there on those la cloche island stretches and when it was close i could see it was a 1976 Buick Le Sabre 2 door rag top.  there was one big 300 pound indian in the passenger seat wearing shades and a cowboy hat.  behind the wheel was a thin indian with long hair held in by a bandana, axl rose style, and wearing big black giant tiger sunglasses.  they looked like serious indians in there. 
when they roared past me i could tell the car had no muffler!  and the paint…  it was flat black…
how many times do you see that blazing down the summer time highway.  i wondered where in Little Current they was off to, the beer store?  but i didn’t see their car sitting in there.  so who knows.
still.  its not everyday you see an indian car of that magnitude!