its smoking hot in the old nation’s cap, to the tune of 102 F.  now that’s warm.  of course the humidex is driving it through the roof. 
but here we are cooking.  house is full of holes so the breeze is blowing through but this boy wishes he were either at the Sand Dunes, Providence Bay, Whitefish Falls, Meldrum Bay or down by the river in the Tehkummah back country.  oh boy.  that would be sweet.   
meanwhile the home renos are still in progress.  we’re getting closer to the completion of this thing.
sweat or no sweat.
and if all goes well, i’ll be back home at the ranch a cool four weeks from today.  if all goes.
but we are here and it is now!  so lets get busy with today and the tasks at hand!
june 13th:  much cooler climes makes for much cooler cats at this address!  if you know what i mean!  so its the old Westfest this weekend, free admission so the price is right, and Fluffly Ste. Marie is the headline act on Saturday night.  so i’m going to put my Las Vegas clothes on and go over there, hear some music but also mingle and muddle in the west end scene.  Fluffly is getting old…  i saw her at the Ottawa Folk fest last summer and she wasn’t hitting those high notes but she sure was carrying the show no probs.  i’m thinking she’s a good bet high notes or not. 
in the art bizz:  the show at Cube is going and selling but my piece along with 80% of them aint sporting no red dots!  but people are buying, one of them went for a cool 2 800 buckeroos!  so folks out there do have $$$.  and if that big old blue painting of mine doesn’t ship at this show, it will do fine at the 3 shows down the road.  i’m going to be showing at 4 diff venues this summer!  that’s spreading the paint thin man, unless i can haul and get some cool stuff going between now and July. 
and we have our old band manager coming to town to visit, kevin k., and i’m going to tell him its time we put the old NR back together and re fire the whole rock and roll road show with cleaner heads.  i mean get the boys back together with a whole new plan. 
the world needs NR in it, healthy, wealthy and wise!
yes indeed!  a lot of renovations problems would be solved around here if NR were a well lubed rock and roll machine.
june 29th:  sunday morning, not coming down!  ha!  that is, it was a groovy evening of dining out!  Shelley wore her beautiful black suit and her slick 6 inch heels i bought her last summer, i wore my dorky carpenter jeans, dumbass black t shirt and ugly work boots covered with concrete dust…
we walked down into little italy and checked out a new place, very good, beautiful service and great food.
watching Shelley walk down the streets in those 6 inch heels…  whew!  what a show.
we went out cause i sold a painting mid week:  Young Couple, 36×48 inches, painted way back in 2002.  it was a mighty fine painting and it meant a lot to our own family history but it is a painting, i’m a painter and in the business of selling them.  so it was sad to see it go but hey, everything and everyone has to go sometime.
i skimmed off some of the loot to pay for last night’s wing ding of a dinner and a beauty it was.
june 30th:  last day of the month!!!  wow that was fast!  but we aint been sleeping behind the wheel!  this house is soaking up the time and money!  we’re getting closer to it being finished.  we’re suppose to be working all week but tomorrow is the free Jazzfest downtown and i aint going to miss that!  me and my old buddy Jazzy are going to hit the festival around noon and take in some free music and fun.  Canada Day you know and that’s a big deal in this town!
july 4th:  things can get out of hand pretty fast around here in the home reno department.  the back yard was whooped and now i’m looking at the mess left behind!  and folks it is a gigantic mess.  but without crying about it or getting too spooked, i’m going to get a rake and start leveling it out and see if we can get some grass seed down there today.  no one is going to be interested in that backyard when its all mud!  i know i’m sure not interested but you can see the potential. 
still: its where the metal meets the dirt, there is a hand on that thing making it work!
july 5th:  the good thing about the home reno is it will be over next friday!  so this time next week, saturday at lunch, we’ll be sitting in a cleaned up house!  woo hoo x two!!  we get that finished, its all gravy afterwards!  gravy lads.  the good stuff!
july 6th:  the damn stupid cat got itself run over by a car last night so that was the big snit in the girl camp and still is.  we don’t know if its going to live or die, its over at the vet and my only thing is:  how much is this bull roar going to cost me?!!!
july 9th:  well here i am still in Ottawa and the house still aint finished!  its a mess.  that’s the deal in all its unglossed form…  BUT!  the black crows are in town tomorrow night at the Bluesfest and i’m going to see them.  i sold a little painting for a hundred bones and i’m using that as flash cash for tomorrow night!  lets hope it doesn’t rain!  mud or no mud, i’m still going!  bought me some nice woodland BDU jungle shorts for the event. 
and of course the other news is the cat lived.  rattled but lived.  how much it cost i don’t know.  the girls around here keep their secrets.
as for the house, hopefully it will be complete next week and i can be back home at the ranch in august!  hopefully!  (fingers crossed!)
july 15th:  you wonder how you get yourself into a mess sometimes…  this home reno thing is one of them!  here it is half way through july and i aint been hardly anywhere, hardly seen a thing, or done nearly nothin, out side of these friggin home renos…  its painting today.  and i don’t mean the enjoyable kind of painting.  i mean house painting!  ugh.  but that’s good too, cause it means we’re getting very close to puttin the icing on a cake that needs shipping!  big time! 
the bottom line is essentially this:  i need a cool 5 or 6 G’s to settle this issue.  that would put us in the ball park instead of waiting around in the parking lot.  a cool 5 or 6 would put out a lot of fires and boys, we have some doozies raging on deck!  you have to watch where you step around here cause its landmine city!  boom!
last night i stayed up past my bedtime and watched the late show:  Fire In the Sky, and wished i was abducted by aliens…  carried away to Blisstonia, first class, with one of those flashy drinks with an umbrella in it.  carried away from this battlefield, far and away, to the beach where jodi foster lands in that movie, Contact.  yeah.  that is what a few late nights sitting in this foxhole will do to you… 
July 24th:  rain pouring down first thing this morning.  makes the slabesque city look green, but it does nothing about the noise!  i’m like the Grinch who stole Xmas, saying:  all the noise, noise, noise…
but we’re back on the road tomorrow.  back to sweet paradise.  just me and my old buddy Jazz cause the rest of the crew has to stay behind and work.  downer for them.  but really, i don’t know if they really want to be over there or what’s up.  all i know is all ships are sailing in different directions come tomorrow.  the fleet is breaking up!  for now anyway.
of course these dang home renos aint done.  its another friday tomorrow.  and we’ve been saying friday for the past month.  and it just aint happening.  so i’m going to stop saying it anymore and leave it.  the old sales block will arrive when it arrives.  i have me one more day with it, than i’m out.  and whoever is staying, well its going to be their job to put the final and the last of the finishing touches. 
August 2nd:  you can’t win them all but you can’t lose them all either!  that is what an old wise man told me once, many a moon ago.  he also said:  this big old world we be standing on aint going to wait for us!  you snooze, you will lose.  and the daisies are waiting for us, they don’t care when you arrive. 
good words, true and fair. 
i’ve kept my hands busy with no end to dirty things, when i’ll wash them i don’t know.  but folks around would like it sooner than later.
still.  you see old stones in the ground with names on them, and wonder when the time will be up!  sooner than later?  well when ever it is, it won’t matter to the almighty cause time don’t mean nuttin to those folks.  when you are gone, you are gone!
august 3rd:  you know i’m suppose to be getting ready to hit the old Wikwemikong Pow wow, feathers and all, but i aint!  i’m a long way from that stomping ground and i’m not too happy about it.  and the truth is, for the afternoon agenda, i have no idea what be on the slate.  we’re living it one half hour to the next around here, skating in the thin ice we’ve found for ourselves!
august 18th:  back home at the ranch, the sweet island country side is paradise!  arrived this morning and its been a glorious day since.  we were at the sand dunes and we watched a storm blow in from the west.  wish i had my camera as the wild waves pounding in, the sun shining off the water, and the dark blue storm clouds billowing: very beautiful!  as for me:  i know i have to teach tomorrow but i’m going for one of my long and late night drives into the island country side!  enjoy!
august 19th:  took in a 2 hour late night cruise through the country side and it went alright.  the big moon was sailing and the stars were shining, but the wind was blowing and it wasn’t hot and humid like one month ago!  in fact, it was dry and quite cool, down right nippy truth be told.  but it was worth it.  i enjoyed listening to the baseball games on the radio, detroit at texas, and the wild scenes along the way.  think i might go out again tonight, take another look at that quiet country side and give another late night ball game a listen.