here it is 9 a.m. on a thursday morning, weekend road trip on the agenda!  but we aint got our bags packed.  the paintings i’m suppose to be showing tomorrow aint ready.  the house is upside down and trashed and we aren’t going to make our friday deadline for getting it on the market.  and my 6 for 6 didn’t come in on last night’s lotto 6/49…  i guzzlined the car yesterday and it cost a war whooping 59 bucks!!!  what a rip off.  1.29/litre…  that aint right.  boys i remember the days when it was .44/litre back at Regent and Lorne, at the Beaver Gas, in Sudbury…  way back in 1995.  we aint going to see those days again. 
bottom line is this:  the car is filled with guzzoline, the sun is high and bright, and we are going, no matter what!  me and my old buddy Jazzy!  should be quite nice once we get out past the edges of this city. 
and it will be sweet getting back home, back in the cosy confines of the ranch lands and this full moon weekend.
there aint no use in viewing the full moon in the city…
july 20th:  a few days in this island paradise is exactly what this boy needed!  big time!  wow what an awesome past few days.  very late nights included, riding up and down the backroads between here and Tehkummah, with the big old full moon blazing in the quiet skies.  actually heard the leaves rustling in the maple trees.  i have to get my partner over here.  a few days of this and she will be back in tip top.  my old buddy Jazzy is in thick.  so this is all good.  including my kayak trip to Treasure Island yesterday and the calm waters.  what a wonderful way to go.  spent last night not driving but sittin in the back field, watching the moon go by.  wonderful.  yeah.  this is exactly what i needed!
july 22nd:  back in the slab.  noise outside, not much to look at.  what a diff 24 hours can make.  but wow what a trip.  this boy needed that and so did my old buddy Jazzy.  she loves it over there.  but we aint staying here for long.  we’re going to pack our bags and go back on Friday and take in that wedding on the beach.  might stay a wee tad longer this time, depending on the $$$ situation. 
the days spent at the ranch combined with those late night drives!  aaah.  very nice.  a beauty way to go.
august 27th?  i do know its wednez, sun is high and bright and that’s it:  this boy is taking off tonight!  if the ladies don’t want to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the south shore on the island, then i’m going without them!  the weather cats say sunshine all through labour day weekend.  so i’m going.  going it alone!  which means a lot of time behind the wheel after midnight but it also means i’ll be gettin there when the sun rises and there aint going to no one on that beach!  cause that’s it man.  its labour day weekend coming up and summer 08 edition is in the books and gone forever.  i aint going to waste my time sitting around some dopey park over here, cussin and fussin and fumin!  i’m going to where the sand dunes stretch and the quiet winds are blowing and those big blue skies are high above and all around.  yeah man!
august 30:  i made it!  took off outa ottawa at 2 a.m. and pulled into the sand dunes at noon!  what a drive.  bleary eye’d but groovy man, with a jug of red vino and my toes in the sand, i stayed put there till 7 that night!  yesterday i drove up to meldrum bay and sat on the limestone beach with my toes in the water, beauty way to go with no one around!  now today its back to the sand dunes!  and i’m staying till it gets later in the afternoon, hopefully around 5 ish or later.  we’ll see how it goes over there.  and we aint asking for much when it comes to the beaches!
september 2nd:  and i made it back…  to the stink and filth of ulgy old china town, a few doors down from which we live.  ugly.  traffic backed up outside our front door.  noise.  and plain simple, un adulterated ugliness.  but that is here.  downtown they sweep the streets. 
and its warm.  going to be one of the warmest on record i’m sure.  so it makes me want to be back there more!  or out there on a canoe, sailing the ocean blue!  to baie fin, or the bejamin islands.  be we are a long way from that.  and my old buddy jazzy is glad old daddy is home to read her the 3 bed time stories she requests.  and to take her to school.  and to pick her up.  and the parks in between.   so.  those old la cloche mountains have been waiting for nearly 4 billion years, i think they can wait till my old buddy jazz graduates from grade 12 and sails on her own way to where ever she has her mind made up for on that day.