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Autumn 2008

for this deep into september its sure is a hot one!  27 plus degrees and humid!  i mean mega humid, sweating sitting here at the computer!  i’m suppose to be downstairs working on some paintings but i just can’t get myself started today.  which is too bad cause the paintings have to go in tomorrow at 10 a.m.!  so if i were a smart cat, i’d be down there painting but my old buddy Jazzy has her dvd going and its enough to drive you nuts!  its that season scooby doo thing that has been playing non stop!  and i can’t work with that stuff going on.
but i better force myself to it.
we just came in from a short drive into the country and a walk down the train tracks.  she was afraid a train might come by, but i told her we would see it in the distance if there was one.  and there wasn’t.  but i needed that little country walk cause this city is a loony bin.  and i get sick of hearing the sirens and the cars and all that city crap.  so i drive out there, not far, like 10 kms will get you in the boon docks, and it’ll have to do for this boy who aint going home in a long time! 
i might get in the car and go back out there tonight…  after the sun goes down.  and if the rain holds off.  cause that quiet country road, yeah man, i need that.
september 18th:  i’m liking the look of that recent painting, that autumn esque color scheme. 
i did get the show in at the sweetgrass!  whew!  i’m a few shy of having a full house so i’ve been working on those and liking the look of them.  using thalo green, mixing it with other colors and coming up with some diff looking compositions.  but really…  using up huge jugs of paint i’ve had for 5 or more years!  i want them gone, not drying out!  but don’t tell anyone that is what i’m doing…
there is a story there but i’ll get into that with you the next time we’re sitting at the crazy horse saloon!
september 25th:  beauty day in progress.  one of those hot autumn days, the kind where you’d love to be sitting on the mountain tops over there in the sweet and peaceful la cloche mountain range.  i’m a long way from there, sitting in the crotchy old Renfrew public library clicking away on this thing… 
the old lady is over here on business and since i had the morning agenda wide open, i thought i would tag along and see what the cobwebbed nowheresville had to offer.  they do have a very good diner on the main drag.  i had some very tasty breakfast over there, smoked salmon on goat cheese with a beautiful dill pesto…  and coffee:  that black gold was tasty, not the swill you get at the places i “usually” go… 
lots of dot dot dots today.  reason:  well the moo laa is tight.  and when its tight, its like walking on that miserable high wire:  one phony step and she’s all over…
see?  more dot dot dots.
i can tell you paint sales added up.
quite on the other hand are the two children stories i’ve had in the hopper since 2003.  one of them is called “a Father and his Daughter”, the other  is “The Bears Go Bowling at Night”.  i was suppose to get busy and illustrate those years ago!  been muddling with the sketches and hummin and haw’n but never getting them done.  well i’ve been painting so much in the past 10 days that i think i’m ready to stop it with the fussin and a feudin, and just get busy with the colors and the canvas.  that is going to happen later today when we get back to the city.
cause i am on a roll with the paint.  things are looking more like it. 
i’m impressed with some of the stuff rolling of the assembly line.
and i do have the next 5 days open.  so i’m going to buy me a bundle of those canvas boards and hit them. 
i don’t know.  one thing i do know is we are a long way from fighting in hell!  and that is where i was at this very moment one year ago!  thank goodness we are not there.  thank goodness we are home, with the little girl and the two, older and very dazzling ladies.  the heels are high back at the address and those gals like to use them!
so.  being in company with such “eye candy” reminds me of an old saying one of the boys from overseas taught me. 
also on the spook:  when you are a minority, you are use to being treated as such, somewheres down in the 3rd class citizen department which is nuts cause this really is my country!  i mean if they want me to go home, i’d step like, 3 feet and say, there, i’m home.  but folks here in this little backwater sludge hole don’t see it that way.  they see an indian walking down their hundred and eight year old streets and they don’t say it but you can see it, they’re saying:  aint there an indian reserve you should be going to? 
but hey.  when you don’t take anything personally, the ball will roll.  the old world will turn, whether you’re on it or not.  and you can’t take none of that crap you’ve been humpin, with you.  so.  that’s the deal from scuzzy old Renfrew. 
i suspect all the young people around here have beetled off to ottawa. 
as for me:  well i’m waiting for the old lady to get outa that meeting, around 1230 at the latest, if not i’m dragging her out of there, and we’re going to that place on main street that served up that splendid breakfast.  she has got to try out their lunch. 
and we have got to be back in the slab, at the latest 315 p.m. cause my old buddy Jazzy is off the bus around there abouts. 
so.  that’s the deal at least for now.
p.s.  i didn’t win the big lotto last night so i might have to put lunch on the credit card…
more dot dot dots…
october 11th:  thanksgiving weekend in the city.  not a terrible way to go but i was hoping to be back home in the cosy confines of the ranch lands.  back in with the autumn colors.  we took a drive yesterday into the park and the colors were up full over there.  beauty.  but it aint home! 
so.  we’re looking at some turkey and the trimmings and we have some good people here sharing the household with us so all seems to be in good order.  and this mild and beauty weather is definitely something to write home about.  sunny and hot actually!  its fab man.
october 16th:  “THE REAL AMITYVILLE HORROR”, i watched that last night on A&E and had the crapola scared right outa me.  and not the diet ola kind either.  it started off semi mickey mouse with a few scenes made to look scary but then they showed some “actual” photos of creep infested scenes, one featuring a bug eye’d kid staring out from the dark corners of a room.  the kid looked death warmed over and cloned, but his googly eyes staring right at the camera was about not to shift the gizzards!  i was up the stairs and in the can in minutes!  poor jazzy was sitting there watching it with me, the two of us sitting on the couch like two crows on a power line, staring like dopes at the idiot box.  we both saw that and rattled.  so mom took her to the candy store with our old buddy morgan and they left me alone…  in the house…
at first the house was dark.  i’m into this saving electricity bull so i had the lights off.  but then i thought i saw something in a window reflection.  then as i was walking past a bedroom i glanced in and thought i saw something moving in there in the shadows and the darkness.  then i heard the door downstairs slam shut! 
i yelled that’s it!!!  went downstairs and put some Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic, on and cranked the snot out of it. 
turned on all the lights. 
came up here and settled into a dope hour of stupid internet.
and pondered this “seeing things” here in the house.
now up there in hell, alone for 10 months of the year, 7 years in a row…  you can dang well believe you’ll be seeing things, scotch and soda on the rocks or not on the rocks, you’ll be seeing more than Dr. Who and his gang of no goods. 
when you’re alone in hell, miles from home, blizzard going on outside, times 10 months times 7 years…
now that is alone!  a real dark and deep alone. 
an alone that will stir the nose and ear hairs. 
once, when i was up there fighting, now this was 3 year winters ago, i was up there, it was in the morning.  i was 6 months into a 10 month bit, and i was most definitely alone!  well the stereo started acting weird.  the volume was going way up and i was no where near the remote or the dang box.  this happened more than a couple of times.  well that put the spooks into.
then i went into the can and turned on the light.  i swear i saw something there standing behind me, in the reflection of the mirror…
i turned to look and saw something going down the toilet bowl, swirling like as if i’d flushed it.
it was the beginning of another day in hell…
and it was all brought back by that gall dang stupid A&E show last night.
i think i’m getting into the halloween spirit a wee too heavy.
october 19th:  we made it to and from that heavy metal bash last night.  way too loud.  i mean ears ringing loud.   we didn’t stay very long.  looks likes a full house though, that’s good.  and a rather spooky looking dominatrix with some age on her, was working over some poor kid on the rack. she was going to work on him with the whips and the clamps!  she wasn’t too attractive in my mind, michelle said the woman had the deal but i disagree!  anywho!  we’re still on our own two feet and that’s good.  i guess it was a refresher course in why i should limit!

its nice to be home on a friday!

tis a sweet x 2 feeling man.  this being home on a friday morning, not up there fighting in hell.  and no long road trips to the south.  i mean to here.  and what is up with that friggin gas price?!!!  a 1.30/litre!!!!!!!!  i mean yesterday it was 1.17, still highway robbery and slobbery!  no pun intended.  well anyway, rain or no rain, its a beautiful day here in the capital city, at home, in the sweet cosy climes of L.U.v., and broke, but with a charged up spirit dude, its like the Nicads are up full! 
so this is good!
october 3rd!  not rolling in from the north country, but at home and been here all day, since 5 a.m.!  weird dreams too…  i’ll get into those some day soon.  not the nightmares though of days gone by!  sweet man, very sweet, being here and not up there.  its cold down here today but my old buddy jazzy is close by and the other ladies will be arriving shortly.  so its all in good order and the soup is simmering, has been since noon.  very nice.