tis a sweet x 2 feeling man.  this being home on a friday morning, not up there fighting in hell.  and no long road trips to the south.  i mean to here.  and what is up with that friggin gas price?!!!  a 1.30/litre!!!!!!!!  i mean yesterday it was 1.17, still highway robbery and slobbery!  no pun intended.  well anyway, rain or no rain, its a beautiful day here in the capital city, at home, in the sweet cosy climes of L.U.v., and broke, but with a charged up spirit dude, its like the Nicads are up full! 
so this is good!
october 3rd!  not rolling in from the north country, but at home and been here all day, since 5 a.m.!  weird dreams too…  i’ll get into those some day soon.  not the nightmares though of days gone by!  sweet man, very sweet, being here and not up there.  its cold down here today but my old buddy jazzy is close by and the other ladies will be arriving shortly.  so its all in good order and the soup is simmering, has been since noon.  very nice.