well ya gotta wonder sometimes where it all went wrong when you look at the year in review… 
i mean mega wrong:  getting out of the north country for good was a step in the right direction even though the actual “out” was one of the stupiest things i’ve ever seen.  i’m keeping that story for later!  man…  so getting out there was good.  but doing these home renos…  to the tune of eating sardines for lunch everyday for the next 2 to 3 years!  holy smokers!  that definitely makes you want to sit down and review the 08 map.
case in point:  i went to a fund raiser on monday night at this fair trade, tree hugger friendly joint coffee crib and gave them a listen.  i have some smaller paintings hanging in there in a cluster frig manner and we’d been tipped that monday night’s gab was all about the poor slabs up there where i was just one short year ago.  it was a video of the protest!  where the cops pulled out the old tear gas!  just like in the Simpsons:  pretty huh Chief?  it sure is Lou, it sure is…  break out the tear gas…
well having spent 7 years with my boots on the ground up there, i wasn’t about to go lightly when i heard these young quacks quacking bout all the terrible things happening.  my question was:  how long did you loony toons stay up there?  did you arrive at 7 a.m., in time to put up the barricade, roll some pictures of the cops moving in, film a couple of foul mouth indians, hello good bye, back home in sweet montreal or ottawa by nine that night?  makes for some weird movies man. 
so i wasn’t buying in. 
and i wasn’t puttin any money in the fund raising jar either.  i think i’ve about paid my dues.
it was weird being in there, the only indian in the joint.  all the new wave hippies giving me the stare down…  who is that big black long hair’d indian with the bush jacket?
so anywho.
its snowing again.  its ice cold.  and let me tell you times are kooky both out front and out back.
lets see how it shapes up heading into xmas eve.
december 30th:  it went alright after all.  the bus strike had me walking to work those last few days, 90 minutes to and 90 minutes from in minus 30 winds so you can bet that got me to thinking…  well i made it to and from and the exercise was good.  i’m outa shape anyway. 
so i got to the airport for 2 p.m., sat myself in the bar and looked out the window at gate 20.  by 330 there was still no plane at gate 20…  and i’m thinking now wait a second, aint we suppose to be boarding that plane, like ten minutes ago? 
so we were delayed.  and the way things have been going this year, i was starting to think i was going to spend my christmas eve in that dang airport!  but the plane arrived and we took off an hour late. 
when we got up there the wings were jiggling and i know i’ve watched way too many of those horror movies about airliners crashing, watched way too many movies, and read way too many of those news paper stories about them crashing…
so i’m thinking the wings are going to snap off! 
well we got to the party up there, just north of snowball corners, whooping it up in a 5 000 square foot house and that sure got me humbled down in a hurry! 
they waited for us and that was nice.  a great evening, and back to markham for 2 a.m., a 22 hour day solid in the books.
the ride to the ranch was hassle free and we got there xmas day:  the first time in years! 
you see i decided we were making changes this year.  i wasn’t about to spend my christmas day night sittin there in gravenhurst.  nope!  i said i’m going and who ever wants to join me can come along.  but we’re going to the north country.
so we went and thank goodness we made it without any troubles along the way!
man that island landscape is what this boy needed.  i took a drive out to tehkummah and saw two properties for sale and pondered a life out there in the sweet summer time!  but this one place i’ve been eye’n up for ages, they want 200 G’s for it and really it should be around 90 if anything!  200 for that?!!!  i said to the real estate guy come on man me we aint talking boardwalk and park place!  hell we aint even talking them baby blue colored cribs on the monopoly board that are just down from baltic ave! 
so its back to the city.
new year’s eve is just down the street.
and let me tell you i’m going to make a few changes cause 08 was the year from hell…