minus 39 with the wind chill!!!  what is up with that?!!  and a bus strike to go with…  man this town is getting too tough to haul.
but i did look at the calendar, there really is just 75 days to go.  75 and we’ll be walking on sunshine… 
as for the next two days:  its walking on ice!  thick ice…
january 17th:  she minus 35 and we aint going anywhere!  what a downer dudes.  i suspect the eskimos in this town are feeling right at home but i sure aint!
the 25th:  she’s frosty still, and no buses… damn stupid bus strike.  so we aint going anywhere for that Sunday afternoon snort!  there aint no football on anyway.  so.  it was some big time brush work instead:  a 40×48 inch gallery canvas for those big shows coming up this summer.  there is money to be made at those things so lets hope the paint spreads nicely…  real nicely…
the 29th?  don’t know…  well anyway the news is this:  the first art show of the year is booked!  that’s good.  its a small venue in a swanky part of town.  the walls are big and high so my 36×48’s can go in there no problems.  but all i have is work in blue!  they want some warmer tones so guess what i’m doing this weekend!  not a bad plan really…  i’ll keep you posted as to how it goes!
Feb. 8th:  well its in.  ten pieces, some good ideas brand spanking new and some older pieces we kinda like looking at.  in they went and hopefully never to come home!  the opening party brew haw haw went swimmingly, but no sales.  those paintings are hanging there until the 6th of march anyway, so we’ll leave it at that and keep our fingers crossed someone comes in with a cheque book!  write em up and put my name in the pay to department! 
late in February…  don’t even know the date…  how sad is that?  well anyway, i was booked into the Nocturne show at the Cube Gallery for May and June!  hey man that’s some good art news as your foot is more than in the door when you’re showing with the likes of those cats.  the sweet part of this booking is i have most of the pieces finished!  and the old nocturne, well that just happens to be one of my fave themes.  so…  we shall see what develops with those cats.  it looks good cause there is a booking for July and August.  and i know our house gig over that diner can be arranged for September.  so the card might be full!  this early into the year.  nice work.  too bad it wasn’t making me a cool 150 000 a year!  well lads we can shoot for those numbers for next year.
March First:  love that date!  get February good and far behind us… 
i had to visit the doc on friday cause i was hurting like never before.  the nurse said:  i think yous got “nah moan yah…  ”  all i know is i felt like that guy at the end of Indian Jones and the Last Crusade, the guy who chooses the wrong cup…  well the doc put me on the meds and that turned me around pretty quick.  i wouldn’t say 100 but 85 at least and good to go back in tomorrow, doctor’s note in hand!  man when you’re that sick, it really under scores in a mega way just how big time a healthy rock and roll truly is.
march 8th:  days are mild, longer and man that’s okay by this dude!  and i got over that dang sickness, put that one behind us so we can get busy with the paint brushes!  weird times are coming up!  the gals…  are going to Florida for three weeks…  yet i have to stay here and work my frickin fingers to the bone!  that aint right.
BUT!  that’s the deal.  tisk times two.
march 10th:  first day on my own!  the gals are gone to florida as of this morning.  they called around 230 this afte and said it was a blistering 29 degrees and the humidity was through the roof.  i said i was sitting in an outhouse trying to take a dump and the wind was something terrible.  so i guess you could say somethings just never do change.  over there in the kitchen they got Steppenwolf, Goddamn the Pusher Man, playing on the 8 track.  sounds to me like its stuck on a loop cause that’s the only song coming outa that cheap joint.
its two minutes to nine p.m. and i’m wearing my jacket.
Friday the 13th!  Jazz is gone and i got the blues…  (name that movie!), well here it is the end of another business week.  times are tough around here when you’re on your own:  no cooking happening in here.  lights are off and the place is quiet at the end of the work day…  yeesh.  i sure would hate to live like that full time.  i guess i did to some measure when i was up there fighting in hell. 
well if the weather guys weren’t a bunch of liars, it would be 3 or 4 degrees out there and it would be nice to take a drive in the country.  but its more like minus 20 and it aint no fun at all standing around out there alone, in minus 20 winds.
i did buy two 24×36 inch canvasses last night so that will keep me semi out of trouble but i can tell you for absolute dang certain there is going to be a full bodied meritage swirling around in my glass come 7 o’clock tonight! 
but we have to put 12 hours behind us before we get there.  and this putting hours away, like they’ll come back some day, is not good.
still, we made it this far, and its a hell of a lot better than being one of those guys who took that helicopter trip yesterday morning out there in NFLD. 
dang straights!
March 24th:  technically it isn’t winter but it feels like winter at minus 12 C.  of course it is 3 a.m. too!  and it isn’t the weekend!  this is mid week.  and boys i’m still very much alone…  singing the blues like never before.  well the girls get back early friday so we can get back to living the right life instead of this wild and crazy and toxic three ringed circus turned spook house lifestyle.  you know i was suppose to get a lot of painting done while the gals were gone and i haven’t even touched the stuff since they’ve been gone… 
i’ve been touching all the “other” stuff…
i need to turn this thing around and not go quietly either!
but i was right about one thing:  i wasn’t raised in any “Indian Disneyland”.  and for that times are going to be tough.  i’ve been thinking about that for quite sometime and knowing full well its true.  times have been very tough for cats like us:  taken off the reserve at a very early age, shuffled through foster homes and then raised in a non native community.  kids are not suppose to go through those types of experiences.  i know my child sure isn’t going through that hell.
but there it was in the Toronto Star on March 16th under the headline:  Nation of Lost Souls.
and there is a multi million dollar class action lawsuit filed recently over the treatment of aboriginal kids from 1965 to 1985.
they’re using terms like:  committed cultural genocide by delegating child welfare services to the province. 
as we all know, indians and land reserved for indians is a federal matter, not a provincial one.
so the DIA F’d up big time once again.
well anyway, i have known it to be true for a very long time but here it is in the Toronto Star and there they are, stories sounding a lot like my own experience. 
which is good.  its good to know i’m not the only one who got ripped off.
maybe that is why i’m up at 3 a.m. on a week day.
then of course it could be the nightmare too…