march 26th:  the gals are flying back tonight!  they’ve been down there since the tenth…  i hope they’ve learned their lesson.  as for me, i’m slowly going over what i already know…  this city life, i mean there are some ugly characters in this town.  that’s the bottom line.  when you walk down a sidewalk and have a bunch of young punks give you the hassle, on a Wednez evening, man that sucks.  it wouldn’t be like that back home in the country side.  and spring time in the country side when the river is running high:  flipping beauty man.  with the full moon rising in April.  the peace and quiet.  no cops cruising and giving you the eye.  no gangs givin you the attitude that hey man this is my turf not yours!  when really, it is my turf!  being ojibwe and all… 
over here on sweet turtle island, man spring time should be a whole lot better than what is on those city streets.  but times aren’t weird in the capital city only!  how about those teenage girls in Edmonton who took those drugs at a wedding last weekend, and now two of them are dead meat!  i bet those families aint too happy right now.
i’ll be a heck of a lot happier when i see those girls walking through the arrivals gate at Ottawa International!  i’ll be playing that song:  i’m back in baby’s arms…
instead of:  walking after midnight!
ah one of these days i’ll get back home. 
i’ll get back and go for a long walk in a short jacket.
march 27th:  the good news is they made it back no probs.  my old buddy Jazzy ran into my arms crying!  wouldn’t let go.  just what the old daddy oh needed.  and this morning i’m seeing she’s sporting a tan!
so all is very well around in this boy’s camp.
i have to tell you, when you’re out there wandering around alone for days on end, like i have been, man that’s toxic making… 
AND!!!  i read the toronto sun yesterday and couldn’t believe that dopey story about the 28 year old girl who was yakking on her cell phone down there on Front Street, wasn’t paying attention, walked into the side of 5 ton truck, was knocked down and the rear wheels ran her over…
yeech.  what a mess.  5 tons rolling over her head…   
dead meat.
not only was the story a comedy of error, but the comments posted were even more entertaining.  one guy even made mention about the person on the other end of the line in the cell phone convo, what were they thinking while they had front row seats to this?!! 
so if you cruising the net sometime and have a few minutes, check it out.  those comments will turn an otherwise dreary afternoon at the office into a bit of something you can take to the water cooler. 
April Fiver:  sunday morning in the cap: nothing doing.  the gals are in the bunks, day light is coming on, wind and the rain seems to be gone for now.  groovy man, real groovy. 
gravy too cause the gals are cracking open their closets and bringing out the summer clothes.  my old buddy Shelley took in a bridal show downtown yesterday afternoon, looking for ways of drumming up some business for her operation, and she put on some of those flashy black clothes and high heels and asked:  how do i look?  well i was sitting there like a toad under a toad stool, listening to the oldies radio  AM 1310 and just as she asked, that song by the Hollies came on, Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.  i said you look good to me!  don’t change a thing!  (although really, i have to get her into the hair salon…  )  so away she went, high heels clickity clacking out the door and to the bridal show, which as it turned out, was jam packed to the rafters with young girls fixing to get hitched. 
or as i put it, thanks to two glasses of Australian Shiraz at 1 in the afternoon, hixing to get fitched…
well anyway.  she was gone and it was just me and my old buddy Jazzy watching movies: Monsters Inc., The Incredibles and The Family Guy doing Star Wars. 
well i had that dang song stuck in my head, Long Cool Woman and was singing it but really, i never did have a clue as to what the George W. Bush that guy was singing about.  i was just mumbling noise or putting in words i thought the guy was singing.  
for example, when i first heard Jimi Hendrix singing Purple Haze, of course this was ages ago, i thought he was singing:  scuse me while i kiss this guy…
do do doo.  do do do!
so i typed it into google and got wise.  she came home and told us all about the stupid bridal show and i said:  Girl!  never mind that, you are Looking Good Tonight! 
cause i started thinking, we aint no spring chickens anymore.  those ships have sailed!  but Shelley is doin a dang sight better than just keepin her eyes on the road and her hands upon the wheel!  yes indeed diddly eedy!  so i said so.  even posted a few pics from the stash into the “too cool for school” photo album and posted a few notes into the day planner:  take that girl out more often! 
way more often.
i guess it was the winter blahs getting in everyone’s way but we made it through and for some of us, a dang sight more than just arriving in spring time.  of course some of us have been sitting on the beach in the sunny gulf of Mexico for three weeks while others have been fighting in hell.
so that has to be taken into account.
the ball is rolling and we got a party we gotta get to!
May 2nd:  sweet sweet May…  very loverly!  the tulips in front are getting ready to pop!  there’s green in the back and birds in the trees.  ah yes.  its a sweet thing even if it is a scuzzy old city.  you put this stuff on a rural spread man you have a clubhouse sandwich ready to serve.  here in the city though it just don’t add up.  anywho, we’re here and it is now wow.  a fine looking weekend to be had weather wise with blue skies and warm climes and lets thank our lucky stars we made it this far!  cause gravity works! 
i took the car in yesterday, that damn thing has been parked since last september…  took it in for the safety and emissions, to change the plates and insurance, all that crap over to ontario, and they wallopped me with a war whooping 900 dollar bill!!! 
truth is it did need new tires but new brakes?  
these garage scam artists are running wild in this wacky city.
and the scammed me for 900 bills.
needless to say i’m going to slap a price tag on one of those paintings:  900 bucks!!!
that should put that fire out. 
so the complaining just never ends…
if it aint one thing its another.
the money goes in one had and out the other.
may 6th:  well anyway, if things don’t get done around here its cause i aint doing them!  case in point: the paintings.  they’re still lined up against the wall downstairs waiting to go… 
if i weren’t so bush wacked at the end of the business day i could get to them but nope!  not tonight! 
well that was last night.  i’m going to try again tonight.
i hate that word: “try”