april 22!!!  so the dealio is this:  i booked a slick show in town at the Cube Gallery on Hamilton street, not far from here, and she’s been booked for quite sometime, good to go on May 20th for 6 weeks.  the theme:  nocturne…  so i have these dreamy big gallery canvasses in blues and greens and some mighty fine and tasty looking work that i’m very proud of.  by the time we get over there 8 paintings should be in and out of the hopper and posted too, to the twinravens.com website which i know has been cobwebbed for over a year!  so that is the news in that department. 
BUT!!!  i booked a show at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation thinking i was going in there in July.  well it turns out i’m going in there in June!  so i’m double booked and let me tell you its a downer cause those very cool paintings going to the Cube can’t be in two galleries at once! 
so its a minor snitfest with me pacing the floor like fred flintstone, big whooping tuba sound blonking in the back ground, a hole being worn into the floor underneath me, and wondering all the while how am i going to do this?!!
and i aint got no answers for that one.
at least not today.
i’ll keep this as a running journal and we’ll see how it plays out! 
hopefully!!!  we’ll have another happy ending where everyone lives happily ever after. 
good night.
april 28th:  ready or not i’m going with the stash to the island on May 9th!  i thought a due date might light a tasty fire under there, get me going a wee tad extra.  but the working words are:  ready or not!  i’ll be cleaning out the stash here at the house, upwards of 17 very nice pictures, some old and some new, all of them are getting packed and shipped!  and this big old snit fest come May 19th will be the absolute last thing on my mind cause the shows will have been sent and i’ll be standing there looking at the other irons in the fires…
i posted some pics there on the “groovy paintings up close” gallery so you can see what some of the stash looks like.
may 5th:  the stash isn’t 100% but i’m still going, this friday night.  yeah…  there are way too many irons in the fire right now and that’s bogging us down in the completion department.  anywho.  aint no use in crying about it.  i am going on friday and taking whatever is ready.  that’s the dealio/snitsville/snot nose…
may 11th:  so the paintings have been shipped.  they’re over there.  i split the city after i put my old buddy jazzy in the bunk with “chicka chicka boom boom”, a bed time story.  she was long gone quick as the day was long for her.  me, i hit the road at 1030 and blazed outa the city with the full moon riding shotgun over my left shoulder.  that and the am radio with the baseball game.  beauty man.  i got 90 minutes out of the city and hit my first pull over.  i’ve got 4 of them across that stretch, to just this side, east i mean, of nord baie.  once i get that far the party is over and i’m getting to where i gotta go.  so i rolled into the ranch around 915.
tasty drive! 
took in carter’s bay and we’ll just forget about the stuff that happened down there…
it was sunny alright but very cold!  and the leaves…  the island climate is a few days at least, maybe a week, behind the climate here in the grungy old noise infested rat’s nest of a capital city. 
so over there, you could see through the woods…
if you get my drift…
the show opens on june 4th!  that’s a thursday night.  and it works out just bully.
may 15th:  the next show going out the door is the Cube Nocturne show.  that’s a big one.  that one is important.  its a group show alright but the first paintings you’re going to see when you walk into that gallery are going to be mine.  they’re big and blue and they aint going to be anything like what other folks are showing.  so i have to have it wired tight going in there, monday afternoon! 
i do have 4 smaller blue ones i need to start and finish this weekend.  once i get those finished, that’s it!  i am taking a break from painting!  no more for a month!
i’ll keep you posted!
Victoria Day 2009:  i have till four this afte to get those paintings delivered to the Cube Gallery and then that’s it!  it opens on wednez and the official kick off slash party is friday night.  should be a good time.
May 22nd:  friday morning at five a.m.  beauty day in progress, the lilac is everywhere and man that’s taking me back home!  back to the sweet 1970’s when the windows were open in the pool room and someone was playing Fleetwood Mac.  the good ole days…
as for today.  art show number one is set to fire!  the opening wing ding is tonight and while i’d like to go as the real me, the artist and crazy guy, i can’t.  i have to go as mild mannered Clark Kent.  
June 10th:  it sure is cold for June!  anywho.  as for the art bizz i’m taking a breather.  i took my pieces to the Cube show and they look the part in that group show and got a bit of press, and one sold!  the show folds at the end of this month.  then i had a wild time going to the OCF show which included a 72 hour long haul!  what a story:  i got up wednez morning at five a.m., went to work that day, packed my bags that night and left for the island at 1030 p.m.  i arrived over there at the swing bridge at 8 a.m.  from there i went to tehkummah and sandfield and bummed around there till it was time to go home for breakfast with mom.  that afternoon i hit providency bay, check out my new movies on youtube at twinravens2000, and enjoyed the waves and the wind.  did the opening at 6 p.m., no snooze time at all that day, and then hit the road back to ottawa at 815 p.m. and arrived here at the house at 9 a.m.  then went back to work and came home, a walking zombie at 6… 
tried reading a bed time story to jazzy at 9 and she was mad cause i was reading all the words wrong. 
what she didn’t know is i couldn’t even see the words!!!  all i could see was this…  thing…  being held up, a foot away, in my hands i think…
that was some freaking wild ride!  but i love that night drive, made my fave stops along the way, took in the night sounds and the night views of deux river, mattawa, the look out there at nord baie over looking lake nip, to and from.  glory dudes. 
the OCF opening was weird…
cause there i was explaining the hell i’d gone through as a child, and there was the man responsible for it, sitting right there, telling me how to do things the right way…
telling me how to conduct myself while in the wilderness…
telling me i should have read the bible!  maybe that might fix up my clumsy experience.
and the last painting was delivered to Wabano yesterday.
so i’m off the hook in the paint shop. 
and i’m up at 5 a.m. with nothing to paint! 
no where to take em!
what i mean is the Cube and OCF shows run till the end of June, the next big one isn’t till September and that puppy runs straight through till xmas!
that’s the dealio. 
fun times.