well we made it this far and its good.  friday morning in the cap, been raining all night and everything is looking green and fresh, even for a scuzzy old city like this.  and with plans in the hopper!  ie:  the National Gallery of Canada called me up and asked if i would do that indio thing come sunday, introduce the kids to ojibwe woodland art and i said let me look at my calendar!
which of course was a big frickin blank!
so i’m on, sunday at the NGC, an afternoon in with the touristy kids, parents and who ever might come along. 
i have no idear how its going at the two shows on going.  i do know someone e mailed and is very interested in “Orion: the Hunter…  “
that’s the big blue bear painting, 40×48 inches, and its a doozie!  but i wouldn’t mind it finding a good home too. 
do you remember that yellow painting i made shortly after art school? 
it was a weird size, like 26×40 inches, all yellow with yellow writing, a mad capped story of a 21 year old who had clearly lost his marbles, and then there were eyes painted in purple over top.  do you remember seeing that one?
well i have no idea where it is right now.
if you know where it is, write me so i can go take a look at it. 
(i don’t even have a photo of it!!!)
but what i’m gettin at is:  it might be high time for me to go back in that direction.  loosen up a wee tad and make a few departures.  the woodlands are fun stuff and i can get a sweat on while i’m working those big ones, but i have these other ideas swirling around the noodle that need to get out!  a combo of ideas…  and they aint making no money swirling around inside my brain like yesterday’s lunch swirling inside a toilet bowl that’s just been flushed!  no sir ee!
it might be time to start working on those.
now i’m thinking much along the lines of that yellow painting, or that big red one hanging in Morden’s room:  in a one door room i rise away…
(again:  a 21 year old who had clearly missed the boat!)
right now i can tell you we’re going to need some bigger brushes for those pieces!
ah we’ll see what happens.
june 24th:  you know i’m kinda glad there aint no art shows happening in july/august.  this boy needs to take a break, even from that! 
no word about the sales situation but i guess we’ll find out soon enough as both shows come out at the end of this month. 
but i’m going to use july/august to fill up the empty image bank that is stored somewhere in the dark corners of this boy’s noodle.  right now that place is empty!  its all used up which aint a bad thing of course but it makes trying to paint new ones…  well its pretty flimsy stuff and let me tell you right now, aint no one out there going to buy flimsy!
if its a break i want, i better just go ahead and take it.
and weather wise!!!  its smoking hot!!!  brutal but beautiful! 
maybe someday we can get back home and enjoy what its like on the shoreline.
june 26th:  so michael jackson is dead meat!  i saw it come up immediately on the cnn website:  newsflash!!!  of course at first i thought it was some big publicity stunt to sell a few hundred million more records and bolster the bank accounts.  but when i got home from work and saw it live on cnn, game over for the king, well shit.  i guess a hundred million more record sales in the bank accounts aint going to add up to shit for that cat!
then i started thinking about the life and times of, having read it on all the news sites and heard it on the tv, how the king had it all! 
but let me tell you he likely never spent a day down there on the Sand Dunes or at the lighthouse at Providence Bay or Meldrum Bay or even South Bay for that matter.  never spent a day in the sunshine, alone with a decent bottle of wine and a paper cup and a journal with available pages. 
what do you want to bet that when the technician dices him up this afternoon they find he was full of dope.  perscription stuff i mean, but clogged up full of the stuff. 
like Paul Stanley says:  money can really take you far! 
but it means baggage too!
and for one dude, i guess the baggage got a wee tad too heavy.
have to watch out for that…
of course when something like this happens to some big wig ga zillionaire, those words my dad always use to say to me come back.
he use to say:  get it done now sonny boy cause the world is going to turn, whether you’re on it or not!
of course he always use say this too:  if what you did yesterday looks big to you, than you aint done nothing today!
and i made it this far, so i’m getting busy and thanking my lucky stars i aint in mike j’s shoes, or farrah f’s shoes for that matter!!!
Canada Day:  nice to have a day off mid week.  but this being the nation’s cap, on a day like today…  holy smokers this aint no vacation.  i don’t know if you’ve ever been in town for one of these big celebrations but i will tell you the main street downtown becomes a river of humanoids!  they be flowing this, that and every which freakin way by lunch time.  i’ll snap a few photos today while i’m down there gaggling, but let me tell you i’d rather be dancing down the shoreline at the sand dunes!  especially if they’re giving me a day off midweek.
july 2nd:  hearing word around the campfire one of us boys is dead!  we have a name but nothing more than that! 
july 12:  well the poor lad has been and gone, under the hill and the rest is history.  so we’ll leave it at that for now. 
as for me:  i’m still alive.  especially after some wild and crazy times last night, and other nights.  i guess if i’m going to be in the city this summer i might as well make the most of it!  but you can’t keep your eyes open for 72 hours!  believe me i tried that back on or about June 4th!  that was a stretch and it took a couple of days to get back on the same page as everyone else!
but it was worth it.
and that is what bums me out about DJN being gone.  he should have folded up his show there in the city and moved back to the old country for one more summer.  i’m certain some time on the lake and all that stuff would have done him some wonders. 
it works for me.
but i’m not him and he’s not me so who knows…
not me.
anywho.  we’ll stay with it and see what happens next.
and!!!!  remember those paintings from the autumn, even ones from last summer and spring? they featured some snakes with shedding skins?
looks like the shedding is under way!  times are a changing dudes!  and if i don’t change with them…
it will be the train leaving the station and me in the taxi on the way too!
but that aint going to happen.  i aint going to let it! 
i’m going to keep on rock and rolling along, but switching more to my style.  
lets shed and drive on!
july 18th:  it sure is dark for a saturday morning at 745ish in the summer time!  but that means there is more rain…  more rain?!!!  what is it with this july?  well we have thunder and lightning to go along with, so its kinda groovy truth be told.  of course this scene back home at the ranch would be flipping paradise!  but its the city and it will have to do.
three paintings sold yesterday.  all three to the same buyer… 
so i’m off to the gallery first thing monday morning with the replacements.  which means i have to make them this weekend but i have many here at the 40 to 60 % stage so i’m good to go.
but this sale means that maybe i can take in the last day at the bluesfest, weather permitting.  suppose to be some swinging bands on sunday and i might just stick around for that.  and not get my foot into it like i did  at the Kiss concert the other night!
holy smokers it took a walk or two around some mighty big blocks to walk that one off.
but Kiss in concert:  totally cool. 
i mean smoking!  if you have the chance, go see them.
especially if you spent any time in your childhood listening to Kiss Alive, Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun and Dynasty. 
wow!  that rain is pouring down mega.  hopefully it all falls now so that this afternoon it will be sunshine and the pool.
is it august 13th?  i don’t know what date it is, i do know its thursday.  and i’m at the ranch alone:  what a weird feeling! 
i was at meldrum bay today and wow!  i got cooked.  was at providence bay yesterday and started the cooking! 
going to be in lake mindemoya tomorrow to finish the cooking off!
and going to sudbury tomorrow night to see who is left in that old cobwebbed city.  a ghost town for me. 
the 90’s was many a fair moon ago!
and they aint comin back either!
well wow!  i can’t believe how times have changed, yet other things have not.  like me being here alone! 
the gals had other things i guess, so they left me here and here i am.
its quiet and dark!
and a wee tad spooky!
august 14th:  back in the old days i’d be walking through the fields at this hour but today, that old road hasn’t been used!  the grass is up to your arms and full of bugs!  they came in yesterday and cut the hay, looks good and glad i aint the one riding behind handling the bales…  oh man yes. 
another beauty day.  where to go today?
its lonely here without that tall gal.
its friday, the last one in August, but i have no idea what the date is…  anyway.  i’m here and it is now!  unlike the black cat…  remember how he got himself run over a few summers ago to the tune of a thousand bucks in vet fees?  well the dumb ass got himself run over again last night but this time we won’t be paying no vet fees cause he’s dead frickin meat!  KIA.  shelley found him on the road and freaked!  i came out and saw him laying there and thought well there aint nothing we can do for you cept cover your dead dumb ass with the shirt off my back!  so i got me an empty lcbo box and tossed him in there.  pretty soon a city truck came along and i said can you take this off to the furnace for us?  he said put him in the back with the rest of them. 
so i tossed him in there.
all this was happening while i was swimming at the bottom of a bottle of wolf blass yellow label…
poor shelley, she’s not too happy about all that.
cause we just shipped our old buddy Morganski off to university, that was on Wednez! 
so its one big old roller coaster we be riding!
me:  i’m in one of the seats at the back!
labour day weekend 2009:  this is officially it, summer is over come monday.  this is saturday.  i’ve been over here since wednez evening, very late.  drove home asleep at the wheel!  but we made it, looked at the properties and scowled our way through many unanswered questions. 
the party is over soon as we have to scramble.  well, i don’t but others in my party do!  so i guess i’m going with them.
hate to leave the island so soon as there is plenty of time till monday.
i signed up and now here i am!