its cool like autumn and the leaves are beginning to change colour up and down Booth Street here in the capital city.  i’m looking out the window thinking baby in a year i aint going to be sitting here! 
i’m counting down the business days actually, before i’m out.  right after Halloween this address is no longer mine! 
i’m going back to the island.  back to the old country for a brand new adventure! 
and i’ll be arriving on the full moon! 
that river were i’ll be going, well it will still be running down out of Lake Manitou, over limestones and a waterfall, down into Lake Huron and the almighty.  wow what a change in scenery. 
i’ll post a few pics!
you know the truth is i bought that place sight unseen!  i knew there was an old farmhouse on there that would likely need mega renovations.  and i knew that river was flowing through there but had no idea what lay up there just beyond what i could see from the bridge i’ve been stopping at for the past 20 years.  and i knew those big old fields were going to be big time green but never walked them!
so i guess you could say it was a leap of faith!
that old black and white photo from the air was likely taken way back in the late 1940’s early 50’s judging by that car that is there in the drive. 
let me tell you that old house doesn’t look quite like that today but we’ll put our special touch to the place and see what we can turn up.
looking forward to the challenge!
and looking forward to going back home!
october 4:  reading "watch you bleed, the saga of guns n roses" by stephen davis.  i’ve read his versions of aerosmith, loved it, and zeppelin, loved that one too.  did he do fleetwood mac?  anyway.  its a funny read but one thing gets me:  this pre appetite for destruction stuff was going on while i was in art school and man…  if you run some comparisons…  the ugly business of sitting on your hands while the time is now…  gawd dang…  ugly! 
well we had that chance to take the bull by the horns and took a pass…
in the book they keep yakkin about faster pussycat.  so i booted up youtube and took a look:  don’t you change that song. 
that stuff works for me on this overcast sunday morning.
no idear what the actual date is but i do know i have just 3 days remaining at work!  whew!  that was fast!  we get those 3 days behind us and its going to be a brand new game plan but lets never mind right now about getting our lives behind us!  instead lets focus on the road right in front and enjoy the beautiful music!