april 17th:  cold and snowing this morning…  took 5 matches to get that blaze going but its going and we’re all fed and watered so she’s Ford Fairlane style "aces high"!  on the saturday morning movie:  the mummy returns.  that gal with the black hair and bangs and matching black clothing…  good gravy.  my old buddy Jazzy is into the story but i’m watching her!  she’s moving! 
as for spring time on the island:  the spring peepers are up full volume at night and its a wonderful sound this old boy hasn’t heard in many moons.  and our skies out there were filled with seagulls last week.  the canada geese that were hanging around our front yard, they’re gone.  the pheasants have stayed.  and the river, well she’s running.  grass is greening. 
we have some major hurdles before we move in but!  we are getting closer.  soon i’ll be posting a few pics of the old farmhouse brought back from the dead!  and let me tell you she’s a far way from last November 15th!
its work dudes.  its hands on work. 
but it also costs a heap of $$$.
april 24th:  shelley took her shoes off and crossed the river today: barefoot.  once over there she said what are you waiting for?  so i jumped in there too, boots and all, and crossed that river.  the manitou waters were fresh!  and the water doesn’t look like its boiling but there is extreme power there not to be fooled with.  ah but it was beautiful, with the sounds of little girl voices echoing through the trees, the bright blue sky and our good thoughts all around, in thick with the cedars. 
i cleared out the north side of the river over the winter so today i went to work on the south side: man that place over there is a hidden paradise! 
our old buddy Morganski will be visiting soon and i look forward to seeing her down there by the waterfalls! 
april 27th:  the new bridge went in yesterday which means the well drilling dudes can come in today, which means we’ll have the plumbing hooked up sometime very soon which means move in date is on our door step!!! 
that is going to be sweet x 10! 
i was out there last night:  breezy!!!  but clear and beautiful.  the moon, old Nokomis was rising early and this boy wanted to walk by the light of her, through the fields and into our wilds out back. 
i’m so happy we’re getting this close!
may 2nd: sunday morning at the ranch, rain, mild and blue.  one of our boys is dead. 
may 19th:  well we got those tough days behind us but still, you wonder why it had to happen to a good lad. 
but life goes on, like my dad use to say: the world is going to turn, no matter if you’re on it or not.
so here we are moving forward.  that house out there in the country:  we moved the furniture in yesterday so today we’ll have ourselves a living room and dining room and hopefully some bedrooms!  which means this weekend for dang sure, we’ll be moving in.  nice time too with the May long weekend coming on.  the folks came and drilled a well, she’s hooked up, power is on, mega clean up inside and out, dang it man its 6 months in the making but we are ready to roll on down that driveway!
with the band playing.
what is very cool about this dealio is the kids:  they love it out there.  and a big sell for them is that river.  every night we’re down there i look around and i see kids playing down there, fooling in the shallow waters.  its beautiful!  of course every now and again they fall in but that can be expected.  and that river is therapy!  i mean big therapy.  i’ve gone there many a time over the past 6 months with trouble brewin in the soul, those waters kinda wash it all away, down to micheal’s bay, out to lake huron, down to the atlantic and long frickin gone!
and the cedar: very nice.
i planted some maple trees around there, been watering them the last 3 nights, i hope and pray they live.  there are no maples out there.  weird.  i think they cut them down and burned them up firewood style.  well i’m hoping my maples dig in.  shelley has asked for a few oak trees.  so i’m going to take a walk into the back field here and pick me a bucket full of acorns and start those out there.  cause there aint any of those growing either…
now how in the work world can you have a farm with no maples or oak growing near the house?
we still have our geese.  and the back field is filled with bird song.
haven’t seen any deer but they’re out there.
well that’s it for today.
i’ll write a few more lines after we make the move.
and don’t forget!!!  its smoking hot these days weather wise.  very nice.  big blue skies and high temps., perfect for a long weekend at the river, bbq and all that fun stuff.
may 21st:  we’re moving in tonight!  when i get home from work, i’m not coming back to the ranch, i’m going out to the farm! 
wow.  what a ton of work, and a ton more needs to be done, but she’s good to go for now and so we’re going.
perfect time for it too with the weather smoking hot, the nights are cool and the moon waxing!  that old river is wiggling right on past my front yard and its going to provide hours of entertainment.  shelley likes it, the kids like it, lets see how the folks from ottawa dig it. 
i love it!
the old dream come true thing going on here.
i’ll post a few photos next week.