june 24th:  thursday night at the new address.  we still don’t have a name for this place.  i was thinking: "the twinravens testing and proving grounds", but that idearski got shi canned by the gals.  so.  we’re still working on that naming thing.  but we’re here.  been here a month and what a glorious time its been with beauty sunrises and sunsets and blue skies, green fields and:  no traffic.  zilch.  there aint no cars going down that road out there.  so its peace.  mega peace.  at night: we hear the coyotes howling.  otherwise that’s it!  and the full moon out here is another grand sight.  with zero light pollution, you can see a full thousand yards to the treeline.  very slick. 
right now: we have a big blue sky, wind is blowing through, and the gals and i are very happy.
june 30th:  that lawn, about 5 acres worth, takes 2 full days of cutting.  reminds me of the ranch of childhood days.  that was a mighty big yard as well!  but this one…  if you had the hardware, you could just go ahead and cut that other 18 acres and what an east lawn that would be. 
well we aint about to spend our lives sitting on a lawn mower. 
tomorrow is Canada Day, we’re entertaining and lets hope the sun is high and bright the entire time.  folks from up that way are going to love this place.

july 23rd:  time flies when you’re having fun!!!  let me tell you that entry from the 24th of june stands!!!  it is still mega peace, the big green and blue out here.  been here 2 full months now and we’re starting to get the hang of it.  every morning we get this grandiose sunrise and some evenings we get a grandiose sunset.  not every night is like that but last night…  whew!  what a beauty.  sparked a little blaze in the fireplace and tossed a movie on, popped the popcorn and that was the evening agenda, away in the wild boons, safe and sound!  nice…
very nice.  all that was dreamed of in days past.  
well hey its Friday, i upped and took the day off.  that’s good!
i was hoping to tear down to the "sky clad" and catch a few rays but i guess that will have to wait till later this afte as we have heavy duty over cast this morning.  
this place is the coolest i’ve been!

july 29th:  yes indeed this is one of the coolest places i’ve been and now i’m seeing some very cool action out there:  i have 2 nieces and 2 daughters out there asleep on the trampoline!  they went out there last night when the moon was rising, and slept under the stars!  perfect night for it too.  not too cool, definitely not too breezy like it was earlier in the day!  and no coyotes running around howling at the moon!  
nothing but a field full of crows cackling this morning, bright sunshine, the river rustling by…
and here i thought i’d come down the stairs this morning and find them sprawled on my living room floor, "Bratz" style everywhere.  but nope!  they’re out there and have been all night.
perfect night for a sleep over under the stars.

aug. 1st  holy crapola where is this summer going?!!!  well the good news is its sunday, civic holiday long weekend.  and the 50th anniversary pow wow in Wiki.  so we all took a ride over there and i thought we were going to miss the grand entry but low and behold we got there just in the nick of time to make that entrance!  my first entrance in over 10 years and Jazzy’s first entrance ever!  she did alright.  i saw her coming in with the troops at the back of the pack.  very nice.  made me think about when i first went there to dance, 25 years ago.  
now my outfit, the one i’ve been wearing for 25 years, is light a few items!!!  like my fan, its not back from the repair shop and its been in there likely 12 years!  so i left my shield at home and decided to dance it up empty handed.
that was weird!
i saw this dude fully outfitted, when we were lining up before the entrance, and he said where is your shield and your fan?
i said i forgot them at home!
he said well its going to have to be all muscle then.
i liked hearing that.
i thought yeah…  it will be.
half naked, bear claw necklace, feathers on top, and feathers out back.  bare and empty hands!
never danced like that before.
anyway.  the music was good and those first 3 intertribals took me back to the good ole dancing daze!
fun stuff.
glad i went.  i was wrapped up in a lot of anxiety before we went and on the road to…  but it was all for nothing as no one was there.
no one i mean…  from my dark and stormy past…

august 4th:  the sun is rising at 635, a full half hour later than in June.  and those fields are filled with those August sounds.  pretty soon… yikes, there will be that snapping, down by Lake Mindemoya, that snapping of summer leaving and autumn arriving.  we’ll have to be careful and make sure we don’t miss it.

aug. 5th: hey dudes its cold tonight!  there is a wind blowing out of the west and its chilly!  feels quite beautiful!  

aug. 6th:  wow dudes its another frosty one!  i mean, down to 6 or 10 degrees but that’s a major dip from 22 or 27 and humid!  tonight its clear and coolio.  venus is flying high!  Jazzy and i took a stroll down by the bridge and that water flowing under there looked cold!  so we nixed kicking our shoes off and instead walked our way up the road, pooch too!  that black and white pooch that showed up one night a few weeks ago, turns out he belongs to the neighbour on the next farm over.  we’ve never met those cats but their pooch sure likes it here.  that’s two weekend plus a few week days.  kinda makes me wonder if he’s going to do the stretch.  
well anyway.  that’s a friday night out here.  its peace man.  mega peace.  
but since i’m on the road in the middle of the night, i’m hitting the bunk early!

Friday the 13th…  August.  just came in from my morning walk through the fields and let me tell you they are filled to the top with spider webs and the sounds of an August field!  same goes for the colour.  she’s torched out there by that blazing sun.  takes me back to those childhood summers at the ranch, or those visits back through the 20’s, same sound and look.  but my things have changed.
been out here almost 3 months and you can mega see the season change with this open space.  just watching the sun rise later in the morning is one of them!  and i guess you could say i’ve seen 80 sunrises since i’ve been out here.  
autumn is nearing the front door step.
what this landscape holds for winter, well we have last year for experience but i’m betting no two out here are alike.
i do recall though, back in November when we first landed here, those 2 weeks of shirt sleeve weather and big blue skies and those cold clear skies at night.  that was quite loverly.
we’re here at 7 a.m. on a Friday and it is now!
so i best get busy with the tasks at hand!

aug. 14th:  6 a.m. and the wake up: the crickets and the crows…  that is it!  no sun either.  over cast heavy duty style.  now this is saturday.  all week its been blazing sunshine and boiling hot temps during the afternoon.  as far as today looks, over cast and possible thunder showers…  now isn’t that just perfect for us guys who worked in the office all week, and dreamt of how grand it would be to spend an afternoon on the beach, lyin back in a little bikini…  catching a few rays…
well no dice.  at least right now.  who knows.  maybe things will turn around in the sky department before lunch time.
nothing on the agenda for this morning.  that’s nice.  our garden, which was the laughing stock of Tehkummah, was worked over yesterday.  so it now looks like a garden and not a jungle freakin mess!  
the lawns are quite loverly all trimmed down, after a day of being trimmed these little yellow flowers pop up!  beautiful.
the river is running slow and low…  that’s how it is though around here.  
we have Mr. and Mrs. H. here with us, the next few days anyway and that brings the total to 8 straight weekends with company!  we’re not alone out here!  at least on the weekends.
and NO TV.  we have to get those guys to come and fix us up cause I for one, am missing the baseball season and the football, two of which i enjoy watching!  hopefully we can get those guys to come out here on monday.  
well that’s it for this saturday morning in the summer time.  we don’t have many left.  and the rest of them are booked with things like:
the lame o Providence Bay Fair, now in its 125th year!  i mean lame big time when you put it up next to Busch Gardens, Disney World or Canada’s Wonderland, but for a child at 7, all those bright lights at night, swirling rides and hoot’n and holler’n, those filthy games and all the grunge that goes with a traveling amusement like that, they never mind that cause it is all about the lights at night in the summer time.  so.  i’ll take my old buddy Jazz over there, and i’ll keep a couple of 20 dollar bills handy so she can ride the rides and get some candy.
that event takes place next weekend.
and labour day weekend well you can bet the two of us will be making that grand entry at the 23rd annual M’Chigeeng Traditional Pow wow!!!  hey dudes that is where i made my first ever grand entry!!!  so i’m going this year cause that one really is a great traditional pow wow.  they know how to take care of you!  and the dancing is always good!  so we’re going.
but that is down the road a ways.
we are here and it is today!
it is right now!  
so lets enjoy it.

aug. 22nd:  last night might have been the last smoking hot night of the summer, so, i took off for a ride once the gals got in from the Providence Bay fair.  this was around 1030 ish, quarter to, and it was a balmy 22 out there!  so i took a drive down to the beach at Prov. B., took a ride out to the bridges out behind Spring B., and made my way back to the kooky goings on out here in Tehkummah:  a carcass on the road…  i mean exposed ribs and bones stuff, on the road…  then a coyote!  standing right there on the road, looking right at me!  didn’t run off either.  i crept up to it with the car and it stood there looking at me, his/her big ears standing straight up!  
i heard the late night radio show and enjoyed the view of the country side, arriving back here at the old…  well.  we still don’t have a name for this place, but i arrived home around 130 ish, quarter to.  
beauty drive.  like i said, it could be the last of the hot ones for this year.
now tonight…  although we are making presentations in the city tomorrow, if its another warm one at 1020ish, quarter to, i’m going out for another drive!  
cause this summer is flying right past us!  
and we’ve had some pretty good times out here but this working all day and not getting to the beach, well that is leaving a not so funny feeling with me.

aug. 27th:  this full moon time out here in the country is a beautiful time!  the past few nights we’ve been out there, walking, tending to a blaze, or down by the waterfalls.  the lighting stirs up old memories, good ones, of childhood summers at the ranch, running around out there with the moon flying high in some quiet and cool skies.  
i sparked a blaze last evening and watched the girls playing next to the river and venus, off to the west, rising above the tree line.  whew!  peace and something i know i dreamt about when i was in the city.  which of course i miss!  but i’d rather be a visitor than a full time resident!
so for now its the woodlands and the open field, the moon and the stars!  

Sept. 4th:  labour day weekend and its been breezy.  all yesterday and so far today.  so to say the least, the fresh air around here is in no short supply.
summer is most certainly over.
but i will say about the 27th of August, it was some glorious and hot weather.  shelley and i were on the lawn around 5 a.m. that following saturday morning: it was hot!  i mean hot, sweat style, at that hour!  bizarre.  
we spent the weekend out there, smoking hot it was, and with the moon rising late, very nice.
the waves must be rolling in mega down there on the south shore.  
there is that and the West Baie pow wow happening, so it might be a busy afternoon and evening.  thank goodness we have tomorrow off.

Sept. 10th:  i have the blaze in the fireplace and the sunrise happening out my window, its cool man.  real cool.  windows are closed.  so i can’t tell you if the crickets are on or what.  when we crossed that line over labour day, summer flew right out the windows!  gone for another year.  mind you autumn in the country is a glorious thing and i’m taking pictures of it this year, but i have to wonder if i made all those dates i wanted in the summer…   hmmm…  
well its the weekend on our door step.  friday morning out here.  and another round of visitors expected by 5 or 6 ish this afternoon.  can you believe we’ve had one weekend to ourselves since we moved in here?!!!
well that’s all going to change once the weather gets wild and crazy…
so we’ll have to enjoy our time with our guests while we can.
more groovy photos to come!!!
the leaves are starting to change colour!
Sept. 26th:  back at the ranch, sunday morning, grey and breezy, down right cold!  Jazzy is at sunday school with grandma and i’m here looking over the fire situation and the lack of cedar…   hmmm.  we need to fix that. 
its quiet around here.  i guess summer 2010 is in the history books. 
being back here at the ranch brings back a lot of good memories, childhood right on up, and i have to tell you it feels weird coming here now, knowing my own home is just down the road 18 klicks.  i mean driving home from work everyday and going out to Tehkummah… 
yesterday we were at the waterfalls and saw something splashing around.  next thing we see is salmon swimming up the waterfalls and down!  big ones! 
looking forward to a little indio summer action before Thanksgiving! 
and we’re starting to think up some Halloween costume action: the 12th annual WG is coming up!