its beautiful out there tonight.  its not a full moon, that arrives on Saturday night and this is only Tuesday.  the skies are clear and full of stars and yes, there is the moon, sailing high, shining down, lighting the way no matter which way i went.

and no breeze.  its cold but no breeze.

the river is running high and fast and down there by the falls, there is a huge ice pile.  the big cedar and spruce trees are covered in snow.  in moonlight: quite scenic!  and peaceful baby.  really peaceful.  the gals would love that but they were curled up in front of the fire back home.  seems they get spooked every now and again with those big shadows, spooky night sounds and the many ghosts that roam the area at all hours of the night and day…

so i walked the landscape alone.  first to the waterfalls and like i said, it was beautiful!  the moonlight was falling down through the trees into the cedar grove, speckled bright spots here and there, the remains of a blaze for tobacco, and our candle holders hanging from the trees.  the squirrels and chipmunks that live in there, i guess they were tucked in for the night.

after that wonderful scene i walked back across the open fields and saw a mist had settled over the river and parts of the field.  i had to stop and drink in that beauty.  i looked up, saw orion’s belt and behind me the big dipper!  for a soundtrack: the gentle sounds of the river running high.  its not a wild thrashing roar and its not a babbling brook either, but pleasantly in between.

i kept walking, the moonlight was big and bright and there were no spooks for this old anishnabe boy so  i took a walk up the road, over the bridge and up the hill heading to the government road.  its a decent cardio work out hustling over those snowy fields and up that hill going south and lads do i need some serious cardio!  oh my goodness do i need some cardio, the whole exercise package!  summer is right around the corner…

on the way back i stopped at the bridge and got to thinking about the poem i’d read earlier in the day.  its inside the liner notes of the album, Starfish, by The Church, c. 1988 ish.  the opening lines go like this:  “Good, now and forever…  “.  those big and buttery images he creates run deep for me!  all the way back to my island childhood.  i bought the Starfish album when i was in university, enjoyed the music but loved the poem.  even pondered having it tattooed on my back!  that poem got me to writing poetry, got me to write: Cruising Back to the Ranch with My Young Friend.

i want to live that poem, “Good, now and forever…  “, this summer, out here on the range and i want to be in some damn fine shape when i get there, lean, fast and able.  we have everything that poem mentions.  right here on this glorious landscape.  and above too, there really are “planes miles up”.

why i went back to that poem today, i guess i’m dreaming of days to come and of friends and family now long gone.

i hope you’ll give that poem a read.  type in The Church, Starfish poem, into Google.  its there.  and i believe its worth a read, no matter where you are tonight.