the country out here on a clear blue sky morning is a feast for the senses.  and morning i mean up with the birds, before the sun arrives, hot cup of coffee in hand, strolling the yards and down by the river.  lovely Michelle has the bird feeders in the front yard topped and the birds come calling so there is no shortage of music.  bird song and river running: quite loverly!

there are no leaves on the trees but the green has returned to the lawn.  we’ve had no shortage of sunshine in the past 7 days thank goodness.  a little bit of sunshine goes a long way out here, but a big blue sky full of the stuff turns magic into super.  we’ve turned what was cow pasture complete with big round smelly cow patties, old rusty wire and fence posts into a wonderful rolling lawn that takes a full 3 hours at least, to cut with the riding mower.  its worth it.  and the maple trees i planted last year in key locations, well they seem to be doing okay and standing at 18 inches, maybe 24.  i used some imagination and pictured our yard in 20 years with those maple trees standing tall, high and mighty and filling our world with colour and music and a spot of shade for those hot July and August afternoons.

but yesterday was just May 7th.  it was one of the first really hot days of the year.  the river was rolling by at 100%.  the waters are crystal clear and folks, it comes straight down the Manitou River, right out of the great lake Manitou, which is ice flipping freezing cold!  that made no diff to the little ladies, age 8, who arrived in their bathing suits and went for the first swim of the year!  i watched Jazzy Moon dog paddling against the current, fully and completely in with the almighty.  they didn’t stay in there long!  we soon had them out of those wet clothes, into some dry clothes and warmed back up!

the comedy was provided by sweet Michelle.  she wants these raised beds for her plants.  her dad said use what you have lying around.  believe me we have tons of it, old cedar rails, old posts, and a dozen of what have you’s washing down the river, including someone’s old dock crib.  that was hung up on some rocks last year so i moved it out of the view, hid it in the trees next to the river, thinking i was going to light that up come some summer evening.  but then Michelle got into this raised bed thing and i said HEY!!!  i know what you can use!  well of course the river is running at 100%, so where i stashed this crib last year, is now under 2 feet of fast moving water.  i told her, don’t fool around out there cause that water will wash you away.  and you’re looking at double soakers at least cause there aint no way that water is staying below your boot!  she didn’t listen and went out there.  pretty soon she had her double soakers complete with hoot’n and a hollerin over the ice cold water pouring over her toes.  she got out there no probs and agreed that yes, that old crib would be perfect for the raised beds.  so i said well just leave it there until the water level goes down and i’ll come by, dismantle it and we have what you need free of charge to make these dog gone raised beds.  nope!  she said thanks but no thanks, i’m busting it loose and we’ll float it down to where we need it today and go to work on it later that afternoon.

so i’m standing there on dry land, blazing sunshine boiling down, thinking, okay, i’m telling you what’s what here and you have you’re own ideas.  fair enough but i’m warning you…

so she goes to work on that old crib, busting it loose.  well it came loose in a hurry with that water rushing by a million gallons per half minute.  it sailed down to where we needed it and roared past too!  it wasn’t stopping for S.H.I. it sailed right down in front of our place, i watched it go: under the bridge, over to the next guy’s farm, down the Manitou River, out to Micheal’s Bay and the great Lake Huron, next stop:  Tokyo Bay.

i chuckled watching it tumbling out of view.

sweet Michelle said can’t you stop it?

so that was an afternoon highlight in the amusements department and we needed a good laugh.  as for the raised beds i’m sure there is enough stuff lying around on dry land that we can muster come work time this afte.

the agenda is light for today, and i can hear the little lady, Jazzy Moon, waking up!  its 722 a.m. on a beautifully sunny and calm Sunday morning in early May.  i guess my free time is about up!  time to fulfill that fatherly role!  (you see that’s why i get up at 5 a.m.!)

so i’ll leave you with this picture i took yesterday, of the river i’m talking about.  this section though is a slow section, off the main stream.  and the trees are poplar.  i took this picture during yesterday’s sunrise and it too was a glorious one.

we’ve been blessed with a great many things.  and we have a lot to be thankful for.  and we remember that in our morning, afternoon and evening prayers.

chi miigwetch!