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Summer Solstice

hello there!  hope you’re having a great afternoon where ever you are!  out here on the range its rain soaked!  great for the garden and those recently planted maple and oak trees.

for summer solstice we had ourselves a small crew assembled and a short ritual while the sun rose over the tree line.  i didn’t have my camera handy so i didn’t get any pictures but at the end of the day!!!  wow!!!  we had ourselves a rainbow and folks it was a beauty.  i did get pictures of that and will share one of them with you right here!

Monday morning on the Range, June 20, 2011

aanii, boozhoo, and hello there.  Monday morning, June 20th:  i’m just in from a walk around the yard and let me tell you we’re a long way from the city, out here on the range!  i say that cause we were bunking in the good city of Markham over the past few days while we took in Wiccanfest, 30th edition.  it was a grand time in the country north of Mansfield, Ontario, and beauty country too with rolling green hills, huge trees, classic old farmhouses and town main streets like the ones in Alliston and Unionville.  driving through there you have to wonder how long before the urban sprawl swallows up that neck of the woods…

perfect weather for a festival!  it was hot and dry with big blue skies and nothing but sunshine the entire time we were there.  spent most of the 3 days on site sporting bare feet!  very nice!  and enjoyed a cup or two of “wild chaga” tea!  

left a few recent paintings behind, sketches really, and its always nice to see folks walking away with a piece of artwork.  we’ve been doing a lot of art work and art related events this month starting with the show opening at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation here on the island, 2 events over there, plus a weekend stint at the Sucker Creek pow wow in early June, and a short session with the kids up there at Sheshegwaning!  so we are keeping our paints and brushes busy, squeezing those activities in with some serious gardening and lawn care time.

the lawn is big folks.  a couple or more acres worth and about 8 hours of cutting time…  the maple trees i planted are coming along nicely, and the oak i put in last week seems to be dug in, ready for the long haul.  in the garden we’re seeing the corn popping up!  tomatoes too!  i think August out here on the range is really going to be colourful with those characters on our landscape.  

well the gals are waking up!  time to get busy with getting the youngest one ready for school, 8 days remaining before summer holidays and man we need to be careful because before we know it, we’ll be saying 8 days remaining before school starts up!  

here is a photo i took this morning of sunrise and let me tell you it was a beauty!  indeed we are a long way from the city and the wild goings on at this hour in those urban locales…