whew its a hot one!  34 degrees at closing time at the Sheg Pow wow and folks that art project we were working on with the kids: in full view of the blazing sun!  had some fun with those pow wow kids and of course the big drum music blaring in the background, well its pretty tough not dancing no matter what you’re up to!

we’re back here on the range though for sunset and the wind is blowing through all the open windows keeping us cool.  the big drum pow wow style soundtrack has been replaced with the roar of the river and bird song.  not a bad way to wrap up that Canada Day long weekend, and with the clear skies up for grabs, the Milky Way is going to be a grand sight around midnight.  but first!!!  we are needed back at the ranch, you see the Mindemoya holiday weekend wraps up with a fire works display and mom’s place has the best seat in the house.  so we’re off to see that crash boom bangle and then it will be the Milky Way.

started the day before sunrise, walking along the river, the tree line and the trusty green and blue.  that deer living in the tall grass on the other side of the barn foundation, he/she is still hangin round and so far so good, staying out of my garden.  but one of them has trimmed my freshly planted maples…

we have flowers everywhere you look.  but down along the river, that wild iris is really something.  i’ll include a photo taken this morning.