aanii, boozhoo and hello there!  its a beauty Tuesday morning out here on the range!  i just came in from the river and let me tell you that water is flowing crystal clear over the limestones and its warm and at peace!  loverly in all departments.  the sun is high and bright in a blue sky with no clouds.  the ravens are cackling in all directions and Shelley said the deer were over on the west side this morning.  i didn’t see them.  but i did see one with two fawns yesterday morning in the fields to the east.

last night was a beauty as well.  the moon, while not full, was high and bright in a sky with no clouds.  the mist was rolling in through the fields and at midnight it was still a balmy 20 degrees.  nights like that remind of those kook shinanigans of teenage years spent on this grand island, in the night, on those fields and lakes and over there on that island in Lake Mindemoya.

(here is a basic story that still makes me chuckle:  one full moon night on that lake, one of the lads and i were cruising across to the cabin on that island, cruising in two small boats.  i had this old cedar boat with a 5 horse and he had a 14 foot aluminum with a 5 or 6 or something, nothing bigger than 10 ponies.  anyway we were sailing across under this big old full moon and he pulled up along side my old wreck and i think he had the beers in his boat.  so i decided to pull my best Indiana Jones and jump over there and grab me some of those beers while our boats were under full sail.  my old crotchity boat with no load took off hell bent, going faster than never before!  i remember seeing it blazing off, empty, full throttle and on auto pilot with no pilot and no passengers, under that July full moon!  at the time i was panic stricken thinking my old cedar boat was going to blaze all the way across and crash land at the West Bay Indian Reserve!  so my buddy turned up the heat and we chased that old boat down, pulled up along side and i jumped back in, two beers in one hand and holding my dusty old grey fadora on the top of my melon with the other.  simple amusements for two teen aged chuckle heads in a summer long ago…  )

in the painting bizz:  i’ve been playing around with this Bear Clan idea for quite sometime.  the Bear Clan is one of the Ojibwe clans in a system that worked in the old days, in the old community many moons ago, and one of the things its known for is the medicine gathering.  i started making bear clan designs when i came crawling out of the Cabonga Reservoir on my hands and knees back in 2008 or there abouts.  in particular, a painting called “Ursa Major” depicted a bear working through the night.  that one was 40×48 inches and one of my personal faves from that time, in with another piece called “Moon Boy”, 36×48 inches.  both of them were sold at the Cube Gallery in Ottawa and i say a big Chi Miigwetch to Don for all his help!

but i’m still playing around with the bear clan idea, looking for another colour scheme, something a bit warmer and depicting the mysteries of good health in body, mind and spirit.

here is one i finished yesterday, a sketch on canvas board, 16×20 inches.  finished while waiting out that much needed afternoon rain.  this is one of a half dozen i have here on the operating table.  i’m looking for that colour scheme and playing with the composition so i can take to the 36×48 inch size.  you see i’m following what my instructors at art school told me to do:  make your sketches!

i recently emailed two of those instructors via facebook, thanking them for everything they taught me way back then, i haven’t seen either of them in 22 years at least!  and i’ve not heard diddly from either!  so if you’re out their lads, drop me a line when you get the chance.

here is the sketch from yesterday.