aanii!  i’m here on the range and with the heat up past 39 C with the humidex, likely warmer, there is only one better place to be:  Providence Bay and on the shores of the great Lake Huron.  those waters are crystal clear and very cool…  perfect for a day like this!  mind you the river is a grand place at any hour, i walked it myself checking those special places and indeed, the river right now would be good!  but.  i have the good fortune of the company of my 8 year old, and she’s dreaming big!  she wants the big sands and the big water of Providence Bay.  so we’re off to the great lake right after lunch.

it has been a wild adventure with that trip to Ottawa over the weekend and in very particular, that show at the Babylon on Saturday night!  yes indeed a show it was with all the flashy trimmings!  i was so glad to get in there and see that.  and also had a very good time with some of the other patrons, beautiful scenes through out the evening.  but that crushing heat in Ottawa had me dreaming of my own scenes down along the grand Manitou River!  and so i split that city, 1 a.m., and rolled on down the highway very much alone, for 7 to 9 hours of peace and good will and the late night AM radio shows.

part of the Ottawa plan was to see Joe Satriani at the Bluesfest on Sunday night.  i wanted to see Soundgarden and missed, not happy about that!  so i put Joe on the agenda but while i was standing there on Bank Street at 1 a.m. with all the other party cats i thought dude in 9 hours where do you want to be?  bottom line:  in the river, floating down stream…

turns out it was a good choice as the Bluesfest had troubles of their own and i know you’ve likely seen it on the news or youtube or wherever.  but it seems Cheap Trick brought down the house!  those old rock and roll boys must still have the goods to pull.  so Joe never got to the main stage.

by that time we were settled in nicely down along the shallow part of the river.  the storm did arrive after midnight and wow!!!  we could hear a weird “hissing” sound before BOOM!!!  3 of them landed pretty close to our house.  wow what a night.  and what an 80 hours under the sun and the moon and the blazing street lights of the good city of Ottawa.

last night, Monday, July 18th, after a tasty bbq with family, we had the pleasure of watching a sunset perfect for the history books.  here is one of the photos of that beautiful scene.