aanii, boozhoo and halloo there!  Wednez morning out here on the range and we’re rain soaked!  that’s a good thing.  you see we haven’t seen much rain in the past few weeks, maybe even a month and that ground out there is solid.  the lawns are baking up yellow like straw and the river, she’s running slow like a parade at the Providence Bay Fair in late August.

i’m glad it rained.  i planted 25 maple trees around the yard the other day and kept my fingers crossed the rain would come along and help those lads along.  well here it is, rain soaked.

it didn’t rain at all over the long weekend up here on the island which was perfect for  the Wiki Pow wow.   it went off in good style and order as seen from the side lines during those first 2 days.  more than 200 dancers were registered and the drums, well i don’t know how many of those were out there but there was no shortage of good music at this festival.  and no shortage of sun either as i said:  it was hot and dry and dusty down there on the field.

my old buddy Jazzy Moon and I made the grand entry on Monday and i was thankful for that!  you see i started dancing in the summer of 88 and i’m still wearing the same feathers i wore back then.  we’ve rounded a few corners indeed since Civic Holiday weekend in 1988.  none of that makes any diff to my old buddy J, she was up there whooping it up in grand swirling fashion, sporting her cousin’s fancy shawl dress, perfect for the junior dancer.  she was doing the step as handed down, with no worry, automatic and in freedom, quite unlike someone i think i know, who had to fight through hell to get there.  she on the other hand got a good start and the dance step is definitely coming along.

it was the final contest round on Monday and we snapped a few photos of those slick dance moves.  i’d forgotten how much i enjoy watching those fancy shawl and jingle dress dancers.  one of those jingle dress dancers in particular caught my attention:  she had the moves ultra!  so here are a few pics taken from the southern side lines.  chi miigwetch!

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