aanii!  so here it is September 29th, new autumn colours are landing every morning and the salmon, they’re jumping up the waterfalls on their way to the who knows where!  that’s quite a sight watching those fish swim up and ponder the best way to climb those two decks.  beauty climes to be watching fish, hanging around the river and walking the fields: nothing but big skies full of sunshine and clouds.  today looked like an impressionist painting with those big puffy white clouds in all directions, the water flowing by and the maple trees in a blaze of glory.  absolutely loverly!

so the gals have split!  they’re “gone to town”.  i’m out here alone, surrounded by… gosh.  how many of them are there?  30 paintings on the operating tables!  you see we have 2 shows coming up.  the first is at the Cameron Street Co op in beautiful downtown Cannington, Ontario.  that one is going in on Tuesday of next week!  good thing the venue is cosy with room for 7 or there abouts pieces because that’s all i’ve got!  we’re stretched pretty thin out there.  the other show is going into Debajehmujig Theatre Group’s gallery just down the street in the town of Manitowaning.  the Debajeh boys were out here yesterday taking a looksie and we decided the best thing to do was make it a group show cause there is just no way i’ve got the goods for a one man show-ola.  so that one boots up on October 21st.  plus two “industrial’s”: that being the Northern Aboriginal Festival this coming weekend in the town of Sudbury and an education conference just down the road at the great Wikwemikong Unceded Indio Rez, late next week.  so its big time paint mode!  not a bad way to go either, fussin over which brush and what colour goes where.  what we need out here on the range though is a studio proper.  one with a view.  we’ll work on that idea…

well anywho.  its a beauty autumn in peace.  the colours out here are fantastico.  that one maple right next to the river is a beauty.  i sat on the south side yesterday watching the world go by and snapped this picture!  hope you like!