aanii, boozhoo and halloo there!  well folks i guess you could say round one of Indio Summer is in the books!  that stretch of perfect sunshine and super warm climes over Thanksgiving Weekend…  out here on the range, whew!  What a glorious place to be, out here in the country, barefoot in the river with the salmon swimming past, or barefoot in the fields with the full moon blazing, or down by the river bed with a blaze after dark.  Wow.  Peace dudes in every direction.  Unlike today, Saturday, Oct. 15th:  the wind is howling, the rain is blowing in sideways and the colorful leaves are flying over and through the fields, gone!

here is a painting full of warm colors, 24×24 inches, Stevensons Acrylic on canvas, painted over the summer and…  well.  it is a new color scheme for an older idea.  i’ve painted this character in blues and greens often but here it is in warmer tones and we’ll play with the idea between now and Easter and see what comes of it.

hope you like!