Here is a detail of a sketch I made way back when, when I was in my 2nd year at art school.  Its acrylic on canvas board, I’m thinking no bigger than 16×20″, and brushed up sometime between January and April, 1986.  Now I did keep a journal way back then so the details are in there cept there is just one thing:  I lost the journal…  (Hey 1986 is a long time ago with a lot address changes between now and then…  )  To make matters worse, I also lost the sketch!  I found this picture in a stack of photos dug out of an old shoe box over at Mom’s house last night.

I remember the sketch very well.  I did two of them upstairs at our grungy old apartment on 2nd Avenue in Owen Sound.  It was Linc, The Wizard Boy’s crib, and the lad he had in room 2 moved out.  Perfect timing cause the freakshow rooming house I was in was no place for a serious student.  So I was glad Linc had a spare room.  I moved my junk in there and got back to the business of trying to make some art work.

At the time I was heavy into Van Gogh and Tom Thomson.  I was also dreaming of home, the good old days on Lake Mindemoya and of course Treasure Island.  This sketch, a winter scene of The Gap, was the starting point for a large acrylic on canvas:  “Views of Treasure Island, Clouds over Lake Mindemoya”, or something like that.  The large painting was whooped up over there at the Ranch on one of those sunny days in May.  Now I do recall I had problems with the “ice covered lake” part of the painting, and fussed with it for a year before finally…  I hate to say it, I gave in and took the simple road.  What I created in the sketch I couldn’t do on the big canvas.

It wasn’t long before I had the painting hanging in the clubhouse over at the Brookwood Brae Golf Course and pretty soon a doctor from Toronto came along and out the door the painting went, never to be seen again.  Now this was way over twenty years ago and as it turns out, I would like to see that painting again.

So Doc, if you’re out there, in Toronto, and you read this, drop me a line via email and let me know when I can come and see: Views of Treasure Island, Clouds over Mindemoya.  This little piece of the sketch is all I have of it, and I’d love to take another look, up close of the actual.Image