Aanii!  Well here I am, waiting for paint to dry…   tis the life of an artist in the studio, or in my case, a 20th century Indio in a hundred plus year old farm house in the quiet country on the south-east corner of sweet Manitoulin Island, whew what a run on sentence.  Its full service peace out every window in every direction, excepting the south maybe, there is a huge Canada Goose out there, settling in for an afternoon snooze.  He’s likely in need seeing as the pair of them have set up shop on that little island out there in our river, a nest with some eggs in there!  Maybe this goose was on the night shift.  The river is running slow, like in July, so the eggs me thinks have a chance of seeing the light of day just so long as Frankie the Fox, Slippery the Skunk, Rocky the Raccoon, Wile E. the Coyote, or the Airborne Boys in Black don’t get wise.  

Anyways.  So here I am waiting for paint to dry.  I drew this little picture while waiting, and wondered too, what unexplored art avenues are just around the corner, out of sight.  I guess you could say I’ve gotten away from basic sketching, pen or pencil on paper.  Instead of pen on paper its acrylic on canvas board and let me tell you there must be a hundred of them in here.  But this little sketch:  Girl On The Moon, is Bic pen on 65 pound paper, just like the good ole days!  

As for the Self Care Through Art, Art Journals:  the session on April 21st still has a few openings, the session on the 28th has a few openings and we’re definitely getting close to being sold out on May 12th, at the Bronson Centre in Ottawa.  Both of those April sessions will be taking place out here on the range, the farm down in Tehkummah, so if you’ve booked a spot, and you need directions, drop me an email at twinravens@gmail.com.