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Beauty Autumn on the Range!

Folks when the seasons move along out here on the open range, many beautiful scenes along the way move along as well and it is GRAND!  Here is a photo from this past week!  Love it!


Art show at the Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Sept. 18th!

aanii!  Well hey folks the next cool thing in the art department is the upcoming show at the Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, Ontario!  The opening date is September 18th and the vernissage: meet the artists is Thursday, September 20th, 6 to 9 p.m.  Artists:  me and my old buddy Marc Brzustowki.  We’ll be on hand to give you the tour.  

So for the next couple of weeks it will be brushes, Stevensons Acrylic paint, and stretched gallery canvas, all of it made in Canada!  What a grand way to walk out of summer and into autumn!  

Labour Day folks…  the summer is in the past.  But the weather has been beautiful and the morning stroll along the river and the “green and blue” is a magical thing!  Here is a photo of the waterfalls, taken last week!  Image