Aanii!  So here it is March and thank goodnezz we made it this far because out here on the range its pretty clear the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter!  Mild climes be coming.  We can get back to our sun worshiping in the good ole fashion Ojibway way: down by the waterfalls.  

Anywho.  Self Discovery Through Art is coming along nicely.  We’ve been with the good folks at a child’s recreation program the last few nights and its been going wonderfully in the mask painting department.  We’re still with those folks for the next few days and we’re looking to have more fun.  

Coming up, April 14th in Sudbury at the Tree of Life North, we will be having a 3 hour Self Discovery Through Art session on a Sunday afternoon.  Perfect time for some exploration, expansion in the horizons department, creative thinking, and ultra colour.  The details are on the poster we have displayed below.  Remember: my Self Discovery Through Art program requires no artistic experience and all art supplies are provided.

Lastly, here is a little story we can share, now that enough time has passed.  We’re big Halloween cats in my camp.  We always go back to the city and whoop it up as best we can at various Halloween parties and usually have a great time providing no one falls off their high heels.  So last Halloween we were over there in the whoop, and its a school week but we take Jazzy Moon with us anyway.  One day Jazz and I were in the McD’s at the Walmart down there in the south end of town and I could see some folks wondering: why isn’t that child in school?  Fair enough.  But we parked it in the McD’s for lunch and the place was filled with elderly ladies, grandmothers, most of whom were sitting at various tables, alone.  I scoped the joint while waiting in line and decided the best place for us was smack dab in the middle of the seating area.  Now what you have to remember about Jazzy, age 9 at the time, is she is a lot like her older sister in the “up and coming actress” department, in particular, comedy.  The girls, their comedic timing is impeccable, and of course their facial expressions: academy.  So we’re in there having lunch.  Jazzy is in her role as “happy child enjoying a happy meal” and I’m doing my best Jon Voight as seen in the movie U Turn, complete with scraggly and grey hair, red bandana, black hat, U.S. Army jacket in woodland camo, and dog chewed eye glasses.  Now by this point in time I can see the elderly ladies all watching Jazzy Moon, she’s obviously the star in the matinee and I’m just the side bar, secondary character.  

“Daddy.  How come you’re not eating this french fry?”  she asks as she picks it up off my tray and starts munching on it.

“Cause it fell on the floor.  You wasn’t eatin it none now was you?” I reply, in Jon Voight mode.

Jazzy immediately starts hacking and coughing and spits out the fry into a napkin, grabs her apple juice and takes a big slug, wipes her mouth and says, “Dad!!!  What are you trying to do?  Kill me?”

Of course the fry had not fallen on the floor, it had merely fallen out of the box and onto the tray but I thought I’d play it up anyway.  But this crazy scene went on perfectly and I could see all of these elderly ladies watching, and getting a kick out of it.  If you can bring a smile to the faces of folks who have seen so much, I think you’re doing alright for that time in the day.  

Many of those ladies thanked us for joining them when we got up to leave.  Self Care Through Art