KIA, 30x30 inches on canvas

KIA, 30×30 inches on canvas

MIA, 30x30 inches on canvas

MIA, 30×30 inches on canvas

Aanii!!  I forgot to mention the art show is ON over there in the good city of Ottawa, right down town on Bank Street, at VENUS ENVY.  We’ve been in there since June 5th and we might be coming out as soon as July 1st so if you’re in the mood for some Ojibwe Woodland art and the newer styles, get over there quick.  We have a couple of very heavy duty sketches in there, and some heavy duty 30×30″ canvas as well.  All good stuff, all very colourful.

Also put in show number 2 at the Island Jar this morning in the town of Little Current, right here on Manitoulin Island.  The Island Jar is right on the main drag, you can’t miss it.  And you’ll maybe see ANISHNABE MIINWAA MUKWA hanging on the front wall as you’re walking past the place.  We’ve got a few of the WAR HORSES in there!  For example, Afraid to Wake Up, is in there, and this might be the last time for many years that you’ll have a chance to see that one up close and for real.  The only way we managed to get it in there is the collector is currently overseas until Labour Day.  Astral Traveler is also there, and that one has been in a private collection and hidden away for at least ten years.  We have a lot of the newer style in there, the “Tehkummah landscape series” is in there in force.  Nice work!

So there it is!  Lots of art from yours truly!  Also remember: we at twin ravens also provide a wide variety of educational services from First Nations cultural workshops to Art Making workshops for all skill levels, all age groups, and we go anywhere, anytime.  You call, and we haul!

Wow.  What a glorious time of the year!