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Whew! What a week!

Aanii!  I know a lot of you folks don’t like talking about the weather but dudes when its 20 degrees C., at the end of September, out here on the range, with the salmon splashing about, the horses out back eating the apples, the snakes sunning, and the crickets doing that cricket thing:  WOW!  This truly is the place to be and lets thank the almighty we’ve been out here, in the woods, on the fields. and in the river, through it.  That calls for a capital MIIGWETCH!

Here is a photo of sunrise just a few short days ago!

paradise on the range:  sunrise in September

paradise on the range: sunrise in September

so long to summer

Aanii.  So here it is, Sept. 3, 2014.  My daughter jumped on the school bus this morning, day one in Grade 7.  They rolled off into the early morning mist and are gone.  I turned around, walked down to the river, took off my shoes, rolled up my pant legs and walked in.  Here is a photo from that scene.

a place of peace

a place of peace