What a headline that would be! Thank goodness it isn’t a headline from my camp. Mind you yesterday while bringing this painting to the drying rack:

Travel scene on 11x14 inch board

Travel scene on 11×14 inch board

I missed seeing that the cat, good old Blackie, had ralphed his guts out on the steps. I of course came along admiring this new sketch, and stepped right in that hideous mess with my jungle boots and nearly went flying down the stairs, head over heels, clinging to that soaking wet sketch. The cat is fine and so is the artist. The painting too, made it through the night.

So this wild colour: Quinacridone Violet, from Stevensons in Scarborough, Ontario, has been sitting in my paint drawer for ages. I bought it many moons ago and haven’t touched the stuff. A couple of weeks ago I cracked it open and wondered what it might look like mixed with some Titanium White.

Here are the results:

Sketch on canvas, 11x14 inches.

Sketch on canvas, 11×14 inches.

Like I said: sketching can be a wondrous thing, dipping one’s toes in a very big ocean! (We could use a little ocean time today, down there on the beach near Papeete! Gosh its breezy out here on the open range. And that’s a November breeze indeed!)