Aanii! Boozhoo and Hello there! I hope you’re warm and cozy on this winter afternoon. We are doing very well out here. Outside the wind is filled with teeth! Inside the fire is blazing full, there is a turkey in the oven, an Australian chardonnay in the cooling, and some funny old polaroids from what must be 1995, sitting on the kitchen table.

Wild Indians (real)

Wild Indians (real)

That’s me and Norm on the movie set. The make up gals had us done up full serve and the director called us up as we had long hair that was real! We weren’t the lads to be wearing wigs!

twinravens as a Hollywood Indian...

twinravens as a Hollywood Indian…

Truth is it was a lot of fun. We lucked out. Norm and I missed getting in the van on that first morning. So we sat in the lodge waiting for a call. We heard the director calling over the radio for a bunch of fresh indians for a special scene. So we went down to the set and the director looked at us, then looked at Shelly who was standing next to me (he was a short haired Ojibwe) and said: That’s a wig right? Shell says Yeah man. So the director said to me and Norm, you boys come with me. And off we went into movie history.

I was at my mom’s house in Mindemoya yesterday, gathering up all the things we had stashed in the storage rooms. These two polaroids were some of the gems I hadn’t seen in ages. I had to share them with you.