Aanii, Boozhoo and hello there!  Take a look at this amusing little sketch on 16×20 inch canvas board: the moose in Ojibwe Woodland style, assimilated version.  I was giving the family tree a think a while back and wondered where are the old folks buried?  I wouldn’t know as I’ve lost touch with the family up there and haven’t been back myself, really, since 1994.  But many moons ago I did spend time with Liza Nahmiwan (Nokomis) and she was giving me the names of the old timers before her.  One of the names was Moses Nahmiwan but everyone ended up calling him Moose Nahmiwan.  Or so the story goes.  And I can’t guarantee you it’s a true story but I can guarantee it is a story.

You see I’ve been away from home a long long time.  Going on over 45 years now and chances are I might never be going back.  I think my hide out down on the range will be my home from here on in.  Still, on some of those early spring mornings when old man winter was in his dying days, I got to thinking about the the old men in my long lost family clan.  There was Richard (who I’m named after and lived to be 101), then I think it was Moose, and way back it was Bill.  If I have the story straight.  You have to admit:  Moose Nahmiwan.  That is a pretty cool name.  I wonder what kind of a man he was.

Moose Nahmiwan, acrylic on canvas board, 16x20 inches.  Painted on the Range in March 2015

Moose Nahmiwan, acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches. Painted on the Range in April 2015