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There and back: the Indigenous Adoptee Gathering!

Aanii.  Boozhoo and Halloo there!  Well I’m back!  Back on sweet Manitoulin Island and the mighty green and blue!  But the week on the road was a lot fun, awake at all hours of the summer day and night.  And I really do love going back to Ottawa and my old neighbourhood, snooping around, watching the scenes unfold and happy too, that I have special place out there in the country I can return to.

And so I arrived at the Gathering out there along the Rideau River and they had picked themselves a great spot for a gathering!  Beauty fire blazing, sweat lodge, a kitchen full of gals working at keeping us well fed, and some recent “old friends”, back together again.

The room they had me set up in, a beauty from 1948!  Here are a few pictures of the before:

Classic old style classroom!

Classic old style classroom!

This room was made for making ART!  And it was in itself, a work of art!

Ah the years of fun in this room!

Ah the years of fun in this room!

Check out those names up there on the rafters!  Some of them were dated way back to 1979!  I’m sure there were older names but as far as I could see, 1979 was the earliest year and what a year it was huh?  Where were you in the summer of 1979?  I sure know where I was!

The art making tools!

The art making tools!

And that is pretty much all we needed to get busy on day one for 2 hours and on day 2 for around 4 hours!!!  What a grand way to spend time mid week at the end of another summer.  You should have seen some of the grand creations too!  As an art facilitator it was beautiful to watch and listen!

Well you know me!  I just had to leave a little something behind seeing how a lot of other folks had done just that.  And so here is my little contribution to that glorious old building!

twinravens actual

twinravens actual

After the fun art times had been folded up and put away I got back in the little red car and hit the open highway for the all night drive back to the island, arriving at 8:30 a.m., just in time to brush my teeth, comb my hair, turn around and blaze back out to work at the art gallery!  Fun times indeed!


the 2015 Indigenous Adoptee Gathering

aanii!  Well hey here it is Monday, last week of August, nearing the end of another summer…  that could be the blues.  But I’m going to drive my blues away, get in my car and drive on over to Ottawa to attend the 2nd Indigenous Adoptee Gathering.  I went to the first one last September and told the organizers:  we need some art making activities at these gatherings.  Well.  Here we go, to facilitate some art making tomorrow and on Wednesday.

I had planned on the mask but unfortunately for all of us, the art supply company couldn’t ship them.  I ordered them ages ago and was sure they would be here last Monday but no dice.  So instead we are going to try some acrylic on canvas board painting and I can tell you for certain, that is going to be just as fun!

But before we drive over to Ottawa I have to drive out to the town of Kagawong and pick up my art show, coming out of the 4e gallery today!  It’s been in there since late June and I do know we are light a few pieces, and that’s a good thing.

So we have ourselves a heavy duty 24 to 36 hours on the schedule!  Good thing I’ve practiced staying awake for 48 hours as we’re going to need that skill on a day like today.

mixed media on paper mask, May 2015.  (It's all about the angle!)

mixed media on paper mask, May 2015. (It’s all about the angle!)

Mask making with twinravens, May 2015

Mask making with twinravens, May 2015

Tehkummah Scenes on July 31st, sketch number 2

9x12 inches on canvas board

9×12 inches on canvas board

Tehkummah Scenes on July 31, Sketch 1

Acrylic on Canvas board, 9x12 inches

Acrylic on Canvas board, 9×12 inches