on the drive home from Toronto i was struck with the sight of two Gigantic ravens standing on the side of the highway. these guys were big, like Kings and Queens in the community as they were absolutely massive. and they were both looking in the same place. as soon as i saw them i asked myself, behind the wheel of an automobile: what the hell are you guys looking at?
well of course i looked and saw an enormous WOLF standing there!
that creature was huge, NOBLE, well fed, all powerful, a thunder storm, his/her coat was the coat of the high and mighty, something the wealthy would wear; beautiful brown, sandy, salt and pepper, perfect camouflage for the mighty and enormous Ontario woodland.
i was struck by seeing that creature and as soon as i registered what i was looking at, that mighty beast swung her/his head around so we could lock eyes.
i watched that creatures eyes as i drove past, slowing as there was transport ahead of me.
never in my 50 have i seen anything like that!


me on the Muskoka highway (i stopped to view the stars!) in the middle of the night, on the way to the gig in sweet Roncesvalles village.  it was a beauty and classic November night for a drive to the market.  Miigwetch to all you folks at EHP United!