Aanii!  So here it is: a new year already underway.  The winter moon over the island landscape I may have missed as I was on the road and in the city this past weekend, working on twinravens music and related video bizz.  It was Jazzy Moon riding as co pilot.  No Shell as she was busy with a brand new kitten freshly swiped off the streets…  (a tale for later me thinks…  )


There it is:  the good city of, in the distance.  A beauty night and day for traveling: clear and cold!  The only high jinx along the way was a moose the size of a greyhound bus, just west of Deep River, standing on the side of the highway right around midnight.  Thank goodness for the snowy scenes out there in the boons as it stood out against the winter wonderland backdrop.  So we missed it.  I hope the next couple of folks coming along missed it too.  (The last time I came back from there a guy hit a moose and got himself killed for it…  )


Jazzy Moon!  We’re awfully glad to have friends in the downtown.


Well there it is:  the corner of Somerset and Bronson.  I spent a few years at this intersection and what is kind of cool about it is the folks who own the India Store are still there and they are just as friendly as ever.


That’s me:  we’re working on a video that goes with one of the songs that is going to be on this upcoming twinravens record.  We shot a bunch of scenes in the town of Sudbury last weekend and a few scenes here.  Being a retired movie star, it was stirring up some ghosts for me, shooting scenes and pulling the old “actor bit” out of the cobwebbed closet.  We got along with it until 5 a.m. Sunday morning when it truly was time to call it a day.

Laz is taking care of the video magic and it is a work in progress, but we both feel pretty good about what we have.  So…  maybe in the near future we can post the video right here and you can see for yourself.