yesterday at the 4th Annual Anishnabe Art Show and Sale in North Bay, Ontario, i had the pleasure of crossing paths with 2 of the original members of the mighty rock and roll band, No Reservations.  it’s been many moons since i visited with these folks, and i mean spent time with them in a relaxing kind of way (not at weddings and funerals).  there was a time when we use to sit together around fires blazing, back on the rez, little apartments in Sudbury,  in super vans goings to gigs or in jet planes going across the country.

here is a little video of said team, back in the day, when NR really was one of the great rock and roll bands on this good earth:

we wrote that one in Shag’s living room one night, it must have been way back either in the summer of 1994, possibly 95.  personally i liked this one as it featured all 3 of our lead vocalists and you can hear all 3 of those guitars going, which is one of the things that made NR one of those classic rock and roll party bands.

in the studio is one thing, on the stage is completely another and in the above vid of NR performing Nagagamasis, way back on October 19, 1995, you can kind of get a taste of what these folks were about, at the front.  it’s only the first 3 minutes of the song so you can’t hear the uproar at the end when the full house nearly blew the roof off the joint with their war whooping approval of our original and modern Anishnabe music.  (the very next night the band, major players in the theatre/drama team Ndodamnama, switched their musical instruments for theatre costumes and performed another sold out, their version of the one act play:  Dream Catcher.  (good thing there weren’t 48 hours in the day as we certainly would have maxed them back in the autumn of 1995))

well here is 3 of us:  Me, Jen and Shawn, together again, at the 4th Annual Anishnabe Art Show and Sale on or near the Nipissing First Nation.  if we had Shag there we could have taken that stage and capsized that boat!


there is still time!  all in favour of NR getting together for that 3rd album which would feature songs like Broken Home, Creator, The Ride, Thunderbird, and Ripe for Me among others, say: Nahow!

p.s.  the art show and sale went well!