And so!  Word around the camp fire over there at the Old Woman is a skull washed up, up back there of the elementary school play ground, kitty corner to the cop shop.  That’s just up next to the ridge where me and Duck Hart use to do our G.I. Joey stuff back in the old days.  When I first heard, especially where it was found, I started thinking about Christopher “0” and how we use to bully the poor lad so badly that one day he just upped and vanished.  This was way back and the only way I remember for sure about the year, 1975, is cause it’s the same year Aerosmith Toys In the Attic, Wings Venus and Mars, Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti, and Kiss Alive, all came out at the record store (What a grand and glorious summer that one was!  A lot of bottle driving and newspaper delivering that spring!) downtown.

So this morning I had to go see for myself and sure enough the cops are in town like there was a parade happening at noon.  A couple of guys are up there near the tree line, doing that cop thing, on the snoop I’m sure for anything coming along.  One of those big white police vans is up there too.  

So of course I had to go on the snoop and ask a few of the old timers who’ve been around since at least 1972, what the dirt was, is, with the latest “skull” news.  First stop was the gas station and they were more interested in knowing if I’d scammed me any spot lit deer or  snagged fish lately, up back behind the paradise.  I told them that thing about Chris and him up and disappearing all of a sudden.  That old timer said to me, “Maybe ya’ll better go up there and tell them boys about that”.  I said, “Yeah right Chiefy!  They go connect’n the dots I’m in the big house sobering up for the next 20 years…  I’ll never get me any deer or fish come this time of the year.”

Next stop was the liquor store.  No news there except to say it aint nothing recent, or so they heard.  Old news.  

So I asked the gal at the check out over there at the grocery store and she said, “was it moccasins or shoes?”

You gotta love it when it’s black and white.  Or in this case, red and white.  

Still, as I rolled back out of town with my hundred pounds of yeast and some copper line, I wondered how me and Duck Hart, Buzz or any other of the whiffs never caught sight of something like that sitting right there in the open, right along side of our jungle trails.  (Of course the lot of us were dumber than a sack of hammers and three ace of spades.)



The story is developing!  Updates to follow.  Meanwhile I’ll google Chris and see if he really did go up there to the ridge and lets remember:  dead birds don’t fall from their nests!!!