Miigwetch to the folks over there at the Roncesvalles Flea Market, held in the parking lot next to the Roncesvalles United Church, for a great day, Saturday, June 11th!  Fun times with beauty sunny climes to go with.

Of course getting to and from is half the fun.  On the way down I saw a black bear on the side of the highway near the turn off to the town of Killarney.  I haven’t seen a black bear up close like that in many a moon but there she/he was, 30 feet away!  After locking eyes with that woodland character it got me thinking about my own series of “Bear Clan” paintings and what new and interesting things might be developing on the drawing board. On the way home, if I didn’t see another one!  Up there on the Whitefish River Indian Rez, crossing highway 6, just before sunrise on Monday, and it stopped, turned and gave a me a looksie before wandering off to the grand and glorious La Cloche Mountain Range outback.

In deference of and to the mighty Blear Clan:


Acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches, October, 2011.

Wonderful to stand on the sidelines on Queen Street West and watch the mad capped goings on, folks cranking and horns honking, wild scenes in every direction, more scary than that black bear sneaking about, ready to shake hands!  I was standing around waiting for the art store to open so I thought I would take the brunch at the Drake Hotel Sunday morning, took a table with a view and wrote a poem!  I wrote it on the flashy Drake Hotel napkin, which unfortunately didn’t make it out of the good city.  So those song lyrics came and went pretty quickly.  Shucks.  The poem was about the corner of Bathurst and Queen…   (There is a place there where my Indian brother has a painting of his own creation either on display or in storage now, and I want that painting.  Very Telling picture (name of the song/poem (now lost forever…  ))

Like I said at the top:  getting to and from is half the fun.  The things you see along the way.  For example, Ten Mile Point (highway 6 on Manitoulin Island) has a pretty decent view during regular business hours but at sunrise…  Mega wow!  I was watching it as I motored along but when I came up on Ten Mile Point I put both feet on the brake pedal and brought the car squealing to a halt.  This is what I saw:


Zoom in:


I’m telling you:  the scenes along the way can be awe inspiring bits of magic.  Reminders too, that things can happen pretty fast, and if I’m not paying attention, tomorrow could quickly turn into last year.  As my dad use to say to me:  don’t put it off to tomorrow…