It’s June 30th folks…  Hey time marches, with or without us!  Case in point:  today is the last day of Grade 8 and elementary school for my old buddy Jazzy Moon!  Remember that photo from a few posts ago, of Jazz at the mouth of the Mindemoya River?  I remember that evening: the final night of summer vacation with the Providence Bay beach empty, sun going down, the two of us alone together, swinging on the swings…  Well here I am at another one of those moments.  Take pictures!


The open range at 650 a.m., nothing but blue skies and green fields/lawns, bird song in every direction.  We’re at peace out here on a morning like this!


The Manitou River, in slow motion.  No rain in 30 days!  The river is running like it would in August.


Good ole Smokey!  You see that little maple tree there in the centre of the shot?  I planted that tree in that very spot so that years down the road I could sit under there in the shade and enjoy a summer afternoon as a 95 year old Anishnabe man.  I took that maple from out back behind the barn at my parent’s place in Mindemoya, back in June 2010, back in the days when we first landed here.  Old Smokey is slow to get going, unlike the other 50 maples and oak I planted which are going “ultra”.


Ah yes…  Time marches.  In a few short hours I’ll be putting the finishing touches on a brand new 24×36 inch canvas, “Bear Clan Dreams” (photo to soon follow!) and delivering it to Huron Island Time to replace the one that sold last night!  Slick!  And if there is time, maybe swing by the befuddled and ghost town esque Debajehmujig Theatre Group’s art gallery and see that show I’m in (the PAMA show from Brampton), supposedly up for the summer in cobwebbed Manitowaning.

Anyway.  There she goes.  Off to school.  The bus driver too, knows the deal.  I’d like to post a photo of the emotional goings on but Jazz won’t have any of it.  So the morning scenes of our open and sun soaked range will have to do for today:  June 30th, 2016.